Girl Code and Guy Code Comedians at ASU

Kailie Hartman

The Paw Print

MTV’s Girl Code and Guy Code comedians brought some colorful comedy to campus on October 9. For homecoming weekend Nicole Byer and Kevin Barnett put on a comedy show at 8pm in the Plachy gym. Both Byer and Barnett shocked the crowed with raunchy jokes that were equally uncomfortable as they were funny. Freshman Ashley Jansen was shocked initially, “It was so inappropriate,” Jansen, said, “I was shocked at the beginning, but overall, I had a very good experience.” Jansen, who had never seen girl or guy code, said, “I had a good laugh. I would like to see their stuff again!”

Byer was first on stage, capturing everyone’s attention with a vulgar joke. Then she gave the audience a few of her McDonalds voice-overs, even mimicking Opera. Byer’s philosophy is, “Life is a glass of vodka half full, and you drink it.” She talked about her basketball league, Byer scored 0 points in her game and made everyone laugh when she said, “I looked at my coach, and I’m like… I’m gonna die!” Byer explained her new diet, when she is hungry she will go to sleep and she will toss and turn all night because she is single, thus burning calories. Byer says she is single because of the full strip of bacon in her bed, which she calls, “a snack!” She is not found of children claiming, “kids are stupid,” but Byer does love french-fries, she cracked the audience up when she joked about buckling her french-fries in the passenger seat and eating them off the garage floor, yelling “not my babies!”

Barnett came on next and began by joking about Alamosa. Both he and Byer said there is nothing to do in this town. Byer spent her day in Wal-Mart, and Barnett said the elevation made him feel dizzy and fat. Barnett was told that ASU is known for Track, but he was unimpressed since he thinks that, “nobody cares about track and field.” Barnet got people laughing with his Tinder methods by asking girls questions like “What’s your opinion about the movie Air Bud, could it have been better?” Barnett told a story about farting in a little girls face in a mall, but he claims it was her fault since she was butt height and didn’t warn him she was there. Even though most of their jokes were off-color, the audience seemed to enjoy the show with many laughs. There were a few members of the audience who left early when they discovered the content of the show.

Barnett is considered one of the fastest rising comics in New York City according to MTV and co-hosts a podcast, “The Roundtable of Gentlemen.” Byer began preforming standup comedy in 2010 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Since then, she has appeared in “30 Rock” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” 

Appropriate or not, the show was an exciting addition to the homecoming week and gave everyone a good laugh before midterms. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet