Faculty Lecture Series Opens with Presentation by Dr. Armstrong

Armando Montano
The Paw Print

The 2012 spring semester Faculty Lecture series began last Wednesday with a lecture presented by Dr. Tim Armstrong on his experiences teaching aboard a converted cruise ship. In his presentation “Semester at Sea, Opportunities for Learning and Travel for Everyone,” Armstrong showed a slideshow montage of personal images he took while aboard a ship as part of the Semester at Sea Program.
During  the hour Armstrong  described his two tours abroad venturing initially from the states to the Mediterranean Sea, and then to subsequent port cities in a short tour and finally a more expansive venture that encompassed the world.
Armstrong has been a teacher in the Semester at Sea program, which allows students and teachers to visit areas of the world via boat and also allows students to earn credits required to continue and maintain their educational career. Armstrong a professor of biology was greatly enthused as he went into details about the locations he and his classes visited during the summer 2010 and spring 2011 semesters. They were able to visit locations including South America, Africa, India, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii and the Mediterranean Sea.
The photos taken aboard and while venturing into the cities of port that the ship landed in added a variety of color and visualization of cultures existing elsewhere in the world. In addition to discussing his experiences in the program, Armstrong also took some time to discuss the details of the program and how it helps students, how much a program like the Semester At Sea costs and how a student can apply.
The program offers basic level educational courses while ferrying between cities, countries, and continents and students are also able to get a cultural perspective of other cultures. The program is not necessarily cheap, or easy, but is available to all students and it is possible to get funding to attend the program.
The next Faculty Lecture will take place on Feb. 15, at 7p.m. in Porter Hall room 130, featuring Filmmaker and Professor Danny Ledonne’s presentation, “Adventures in Backpack Filmmaking.” All Faculty Lectures are free and open to the public; all students, faculty and community members are invited and encouraged to attend. and light complimentary refreshments are offered.  For more information about the Faculty Lecture Series please contact. Dr. Robert Astalos at rjastalos@adams.edu or 587-7821.

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