College Checkered: Learning to Love Valentine’s Day

Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, hope and romance. Believe it or not, you can celebrate of all of that if you’re single. Don’t focus on the fact that you’re not in a relationship or that you recently broke up with a partner. It’s ok to still be on the lookout for that “soul mate” despite years and years of unfruitful searching.
I’m sure that you see Valentine’s Day as being this holiday that forces people to shop compulsively or you will argue that we should celebrate love every day and not just one day a year. And although those may be some valid points, I still think the day is worth celebrating and to those that don’t like this holiday or have issues with a day dedicated to romance; calm down and stop being so bitter. I asked myself “why would anyone hate this holiday so much?” and my guess would be one of the following:
1. You are usually single on Valentine’s Day and resent those that are in a relationship and receiving gifts.
2. You are a bitter person about love in general.
3. You need attention, and by being outspoken on your feelings about the day, you command attention.
4. You are just rude and don’t care about other people and also enjoy telling small children there is no Santa.
5. You are allergic to chocolate.
What ever the reason may be, just don’t ruin the day for other people. Valentine’s Day is not meant for couples only. You can celebrate friendship as well and I know that even the most hateful Valentine hater out there has a few friends. So, get together and do something fun on that day. Don’t sit around and sulk or become a Debbie Downer.
Let those in love celebrate the day in their own way; it’s what the holiday is all about. And if you’re really bummed out that you don’t have a valentine. I WILL BE YOUR VALENTINE. Just e-mail me and I promise to be an awesome valentine and hopefully you will learn to at least tolerate this holiday. (: is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet