Faculty Art Show Fall 2010 Featuring ASC Art Department Professors

Tiffany Wood
The Paw Print

The first art show of the semester in the Clyde Snook Gallery features works from various faculty members of the ASC art department. The show opened August 28, 2010 with all featured artists present at the opening reception. There are several different types of media on display: ceramics, photography, drawings, and paintings.
Many of the faculty members have one specific media that they work with, but some embrace each kind and create something different from each one or create a series across media.
The gallery opens upon a piece by Dana Provence that requires the observer to interact with the piece. The observer pushes a button on the wall and two trains on a track move toward each other creating a “Meeting of the Minds.” Another series by Laura Murphy is a set of ceramic bowls that are connected by a string to each other, integrating fibers and ceramics into a creation not found in many houses. Margaret Doell, a photographer, took a series of photos for the show each featuring the same subject of light.
The show also has on display jewelry by Tiffany L. Lee and a series of ceramic bowls made by Butch Jones that can be purchased together as a set or separately. Amy Provence is one of the featured artists who takes her art beyond one media and moves into several different types. In this show, she has both watercolor paintings and pieces using fabrics.
Kristin Gosar, another faculty member featured in the show, has several pieces displayed. Some of her works are made using charcoal while others are made using acrylic paints. Amy Alexander was also featured. Her piece is a series of photographs organized into rows and columns.
Eugene Schilling and James Fuller worked together on several pieces using acrylic paints to create the subject matter that has become easily recognized throughout the department. Another artist that is featured is Clair Van der Plaus who also created works using acrylic paints. The works are paintings based on photographs of people that can be easily recognized. At first glance, the work looks like a collage of photographs, but upon closer inspection, one can see they are, in fact, paintings.
Each year, the faculty has the opportunity to show their work to the public at the first show of the semester in the Snook gallery before bringing in guest artist shows to broaden the views and experiences of those involved in the art department. Artist lectures are on the first night of the guest show to inform the students, faculty, and community members of the artist’s goals, shows, and other works.
There is also a student show in the Hatfield Gallery. This show features works submitted by students enrolled in summer courses. The Hatfield Gallery is used for works submitted throughout the school year by art majors in the upper division classes. The next student show in the Hatfield Gallery opens October 1.
A schedule of the shows and artist lectures can be found on the art department website at http://www.adams.edu/academics/art/ and then following the Gallery Schedule link.

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