Cruisin’ and Crushin’ the Court

ALAMOSA (March 14) – On March 2, the SLV Dust Devils performed during the 2014 Special Olympics Basketball Showcase. The annual showcase provides an opportunity for the SLV Special Olympians to demonstrate the skills they have developed over eight weeks of practice in front of their family, friends, and fans.
Both the, green and white, teams, composed of three Special Olympics athletes and two players from the Adams State University women’s soccer team. A demonstration of individual basketball skills was held during half time.
The Adams State Human Performance and Physical Education class, sport facility and event management, coached the athletes and organized the event. The Adams State men’s basketball team, provided officials and the entry tunnel for the players, the women’s soccer team provided partner players and other assistance for the event, and the jazz choir sang the national anthem during the opening ceremony. The Alamosa High School cheerleaders cheered for both teams through the entire game. The green team claimed a close victory, 36-32, over the white team. Peggy Johnson, visiting professor of HPPE, spoke for all her students: “All in all, this was a fantastic way to end the Special Olympics spring 2014 basketball season; a Special Olympics thanks to all athletes, families, spectators, and friends for a great season.” is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet