Creed Comeback

Anthony Guerrero

On, Monday, October 26th, Creed released its first album in almost a decade. They have cleverly titled the album “Overcome” to allude to the fact that the band has overcome all of its previous controversies and challenges.

This is perhaps one of Rock and Roll’s greatest comeback stories. The band is a 26 time platinum recording group, and was extremely popular in the 1990s.  They announced the break-up of their band in 2003 after lead singer Scott Stapp began to give the band a bad reputation with many embarrassing and drunken performances.  The most notable was in December of 2002, which was previously the last concert they played, when Stapp landed face down and drunk on stage.  Creed was a controversial band since the beginning.  Their lyrics and themes seemed to have an overtly Christian agenda, even though the band has consistently refuted the notion that they are a “Christian rock band.”  With the new album and tour, Creed hopes to end the confusion over their message.

Overcome is a product of devastation, determination, and most definitely the power of individuals to overcome.  Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonit, the lead guitarist, did not speak for over six years.  In January of 2009, they set aside their differences and began work on a re-birth of the band and recording their new album.  Their reunion and 4th album were officially announced in April of 2009.  Since the break-up Stapp and Tremonti worked on solo projects.   Scott Stapp recorded one solo album, and is reported to be working on a second.  Tremonti went off with the other two members of Creed, and formed the successful spinoff band Alter Bridge.

The band’s rebirth seems to be off to a positive start.  Satisfied fans have heard old songs and new being played during concerts of Creed’s new tour.  The band is also reaching a new generation of fans.  They played a free show for our nation’s military, and it was broadcast for everyone over the internet via

Two singles have been released off their new album: “Overcome” and “Rain.”  Music Videos have been shot and released for both. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet