Creative Writing Seniors Celebrate with Readings

Nicholas Spencer
The Paw Print

This event was my favorite I’ve attended this year. I have been to countless lectures and events for numerous departments. This night really kept me interested and left me asking for more. I am a freshman with intentions to become an English major, and a few semesters from getting into my coursework. I haven’t met many professors or students in the English Department but I am very excited to get there.

The night began with a special guest. Chad Parmenter was visiting from Buffalo, New York. Parmenter shared his feelings for the Valley and how he cherishes times spent volunteering in the area. After sharing some short memories, Parmenter didn’t waste time and began reading his poetry.

Parmenter shared 10 pieces with the audience. Two pieces from his chapbook, Bat & Man: A Sonnet Comic Book, really opened a door to capture what Batman’s world might be like. His other pieces revolved around a historic writer, photographer and ancient philosopher. His last piece seemed the most personal. A friend of Parmenter asked him to write a poem for a wedding. At the end of his reading he offered to answer any questions.

After Parmenter finished, there was an intermission. Refreshments and food were provided. Then the best half of the event began.

Nathan Sellers shared more than half a dozen pieces. I was astounded by his work. He had so much passion and can plant it so easily into his audience. His imagery was crystal clear and painted such a scene that I could relate to. It seemed like I experienced what he did in his life. His verbal intensity spilled the emotion all over the audience.

Kylie Bowen has this ability to redefine objects we walk past everyday without notice or care. She takes notice to these objects surrounding us and gives new life to them. Her ability to transform our opinions of animal carcasses to used condoms infers a different perspective. I hope to see her writing any where in the future, as long as I have the opportunity to read more

The last senior is a teacher’s assistant in my H.G.P. class. Never speaking with him, I assumed he was very quiet and kept to himself. In a class of 50 strangers he is soft spoken and reticent. I couldn’t have ever misjudged a person worse. Jason Slawson has a powerful speaking voice that echoes in the lecture hall. His opinions are so fierce and quick witted, it provides the most amusing atmosphere. His poetry only seems to follow one trend, love of conflict. Jason is a very in tune and involved with all subjects. No boundaries existed in his writing; I hope to purchase his personal published collection of poems.

I can only describe this event as thrilling. I was rejuvenated about my decision to become a writer. I can wait to take full advantage of the English Department and learn everything I can. If I can become half as talented as the seniors graduating this year, I’ll be in a great position. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet