College Checkered: What Exactly Do You Gain?

Brenda Figueroa
The Paw Print

From gossiping, belittling, and making fun of another person? Is there some kind of game count? Do you get passed Go and collect 200 dollars? Or does it somehow make you feel like a better person?
In middle school/high school I’ve had my moment in a gossip circle where I’d make fun of a girl for her outrageous appearance, or laugh at the guy that got rejected from one of my friends because he wasn’t attractive enough, and been so incredibly mean to another person it made them cry.
I was embarrassed and disgusted with myself for even joining in the cause, and over the years found myself on the other end of the fence. I’m very apathetic to taunts, and I tend to take up for other people who can’t take up for them. I’m not a saint, and like I stated before I’ve taunted as well, but what I can say is for the people who are the bullies, who join in on taunting, and laugh in another person’s face at their expense, you disgust me. I have no respect for you, and I never will.
You don’t know where that person has been, you don’t know their breaking point, and you don’t know ANYTHING about who they are. You have many rights in America, freedom of speech for instance, but you don’t have the freedom to blatantly be cruel to another member of the human race.
Get yourself together, just because YOU have self image/esteem issues does not mean you bring others around you down in order to feel better about yourself. I don’t want to believe people are just mean; they’re born without compassion/sympathy or a heart. We were taught in school to share, to be friends, and accept everyone’s differences. Teenagers are mean, Kids are mean, but when I start seeing grown adults being mean? C’mon now. There’s no excuse for tearing somebody apart for your own personal gain. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet