Brooklyn 99 to Pass the Time

Levi Savage Lowe

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Are you bored and unable to find anything good to watch? Brooklyn 99 is an amazing show that has been on air since September 2013. This show is a comedy that will grab your attention and pull you into a ride you never thought could be possible. You will be laughing harder than you have laughed your entire life with its great cast and random cases.

In an attempt not to spoil too much of the show for new viewers, I will talk about the first episode to try to sell you on this exciting and hilarious show. The show starts off with Captain Ray Holt played by Andre Braugher, newly taking control of the 99th precinct in New York. The main detectives of this precinct consist of Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg, Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), and Charles Boyle (Joes Lo Trulio). The Sergeant of the team, Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews), goes into the new captain’s office in hopes of making sure the captain knows that his team is a strong one.

Terry tells the captain about a bet that Jake and Amy had made with each other: if Amy gets more arrests than Jake, then Jake has to give her his car which is old, disgusting, and Jake’s prized possession. If Jake gets more arrests than Amy, then she is to go on a single date with Jake. Both of these characters are extremely competitive and are not willing to lose the bet, due to the high stakes.

Charles Boyle is a complete comedy character. If you look up the definition of optimism in the dictionary, you will see a picture of this character. He is not scared to speak his mind and he also thinks he is one of the most handsome men in the world. He also occasionally shifts to a particular state of mind when he is with a girl that he loves, which is referred to as “Full Boyle.” On the other hand, Rosa Diaz is a strong hard working and dangerous character in this show. No one wants to make her mad, and if anyone happens to make the mistake of doing so, then they are promised a world of misery.

This show has an interesting history: it was brought back from the dead. This show was canceled after its 5th season but was then picked back up due to its great story and popularity. Many people love this show for its witty characters and the hilarious story that pulls everyone’s attention in. I recommend this show to everyone! You never know, it might even become your favorite show that you will want to share with your friends and family to have a great laugh together. Hope you enjoy! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet