ASU’s Dirty Little Column with Dr. Doitright

Dr. Doitright is not a real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously. 

Dear Dr. DoitRight:

Is it annoying to talk about everything that happens during the day? My friend told me the other day that I need not tell him all my day because it’s extremely annoying. I mean, seriously, this dude does not talk! I’m the only one in this relationship that actually knows how to communicate. This is how our typical conversations go: “How are you?” “How was your day?” “What are you doing tomorrow?” I assure you that’s it. He never has anything to say. It’s almost like I’m talking to the battery operated doll I had when I was eight. It’s so difficult dealing with him. We both will graduate from Adams in a couple weeks and I’d really like to go to graduate school with him, but all seems foggy right now. Can you please give me your advice?

— Not Enough Talking


My sweet, I can definitely relate to your issue. Men are so difficult to deal with that you might feel you’d rather be alone or just date your girlfriends, simply because girls listen more. But don’t be discouraged. You may be going overboard with what you are telling him. Try to talk more about him, engage him in the conversation by talking about things he can relate to rather than happenings in your daily life. It may seem difficult to get him invoked in your conversations but keep at it.

Dear Dr. DoitRight:

I really don’t get why ASU students show up at a function wearing dirty flip flops and raggedy shirts looking to get a boyfriend/girlfriend. If I wear a nice shirt and trousers they feel the need to ask “What’s the occasion?” I can’t fathom why. We’re probably the only school that’s dressing down. Take the YG concert, for instance. The girls who wore heels were asked where they were going to be so “dressed up” and the guys who had ironed shirts on were asked if they were on a date. I am not saying I’m into being fashionable, but my, my, can we better put ourselves together? We ought to dress like we are ready for work or a dinner. Instead of just rolling out of bed and hauling on anything that’s in reach, I ask our students to think about how we would want people to come to our own presentations, and dress accordingly.

— Best Dressed


I strongly agree! However, you should know that out students dress how they please, not in a way that pleases others. This is a very touchy topic, what with personalization and identity and such. So don’t be too harsh.

Dear Dr. DoitRight 

It’s good to check up on your partner and I hope those who read your column realize that it’s important to do so. My issue is with men; they are liars, cheats, and a bag of pigs, yet we love them. I was dating this guy who just recently told me he is engaged to be married. But, how in this world did he find time to be with someone else? You see, this guy walks me to classes, have dinner and breakfast with me almost everyday, spends nights after nights at my house, and even travels as far as Denver with me on weekends. I don’t see where he got the time to be engaged to someone else. In fact, how could I not see that he’s a lying, back stabbing two-timer. Oh my gosh, please tell me what to do before I pull all my hair out.

–We were once “us.


I am sorry to hear of this but all I can tell you is move on with your life, take more and more risks, and find your own happiness. He must be very skilled at manipulating people or you may just be too blind to see deceit. If you don’t open your eyes, you will get hurt again, but don’t stop searching for your true love because one guy messed things up with you. He will get his time; his day is coming. Retribution can be a pain in the rare so just leave him to time. Don’t give up on your happiness; someone is out there waiting for you. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet