ASU’s Dirty Little Column with Dr. Doitright

Dr. Doitright is not a real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously. 


Dear Dr. Doitright:

I’d like to share a new discovery; it’s time for the shy and intimidated to speak out. I recently discovered that when I see a guy walk by me the first thing I notice is their facial features, sense of style and the way the walk. It’s funny how I used to cast out guys who would do the same thing I’m doing now and without even caring for their feelings.

There were many times that I had find myself dreaming about being closer to a guy than I should but I wasn’t thinking I was having gay thoughts because I was with my ex-girlfriend for quite some time.

I guess now I can comfortably say that I’m gay. I didn’t know what these feelings were until I was caught in the middle of a discussion about “how one knows he’s gay.” It’s very interesting to know that many people out there do not know who they are but I’d implore you all to find yourselves, find yourself before it’s too late.

— Proud to Come Out



We often judge people by the way they choose to live and we are quick to cast them aside but what we need to do is welcome them. I’m sure if you had embrace your friends that seemed different, at the time, you wouldn’t be as surprised to know you are the same way. In all you do, love everyone. Do not allow the things you do not believe in to overpower you. Learn to support everyone.


Dear Dr. Doitright:

I am attending ASU, but I was a student of DU for both my freshman and sophomore years. While attending DU, I met this guy who told me on our first date that he was gonna marry me in two years, on that very same day.

That day passed a year ago. Everything he tells me I believe because that’s how much I love him; I believed he could not lie. To make a long story short, his cousin, one that I’m close friends with, told me my boyfriend had a big surprise for his true love the other night and she has reasons to believe he was gonna propose. Apparently his cousin was supposed to take a “meet me by the Ives at 7pm” to his true love.  However, I did not receive any information from my boyfriend about where he was going at the said time so instead of asking, I followed him.

When I got there, the place was beautifully lit with scented candles and butterflies were flying freely around the vicinity. He had a table with flowers and seafood next to the lake and a bottle of red wine chilling in a bucket of ice. I was so intrigued by his efforts that I broke down crying and as soon as I could contain myself I went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Upon returning, there he was, one knee on the ground and a small ring box with an engagement ring directed towards a lady in a red dress. I was confused. I was angry. I felt betrayed. I was hurt. My boyfriend for so many years had plans to be married but not to me.

— Wasn’t For Me



I am very sorry to hear that your relationship did not turn out to be what you wanted it to be, but I can tell you that your future lies in God’s hands. He will not allow you to fall to evildoers. Please hold your head up and have faith in God’s ability to deliver you from this sinful world. Press on, my child.


Dear Dr. Doitright:

My boyfriend and I are both thirty years old and Christians. However, our families and churches have a few problems with us dating because we go to different churches; he is a Mormon and I am a Catholic. But this little problem cannot stop our love.

I will not speak on the rules of the church, but I do know that through the eyes of the Almighty we are all equal. My parents seem to be firm on us separating because we are of “two worlds,” but we are not going to do that. We want to be comfortable in our own souls and not the souls of others.

What will my parents do when they find out we took a trip to Las Vegas and got married there? His parents also strongly disagree with us being together so there is nobody on our side. Is it wrong to love the one who pleases you? I do not know if this is wrong, but I believe it is our business. Please help me find my way through this.

— Star-Crossed Loving



I must apologize for the problem you are facing with your parents but always remember that you are living for God. He is the only one you have to answer to. Your parents are very traditional so that is why they do not want you to date outside of the church. Be respectful and tell them you got married to the one you love, even if they don’t approve. Ask The Lord for guidance and forgiveness. I wish you His blessings, my dear.


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