ASU’s Dirty Little Column with Dr. Doitright

Dr. Doitright is not a real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously. 


Dear Dr. Doitright:

My girlfriend’s best friend is getting married and such news brings great terror to my own relationship. It was my girlfriend’ dream to get married the same day as her best friend, and since I haven’t proposed to her, she has been pressuring me into marrying her. I am really not ready to get married yet. I’m only 18 and even though she’s 19, it doesn’t mean we are ready for marriage. Excluding our high school years, we have spent most of our time on the road traveling, so we haven’t spent a lot of “adult time” together. I believe she is pressured into feeling she wants to be married so can you please tell me what to do.

— Feeling the Pressure



Young man, it is only normal for a young lady to move towards a dream she had since she was a little girl, whether it may be big or small. Its sad that her dream is not you’re dream but you can support and encourage her dream without having to marry her. You need to have her realize how young you both are and you may be able to show her the disadvantages of getting married without knowing each other better.


Dear Dr. Doitright:

Hi, I am an 18-year-old girl who is involved with a 42-year-old man.  He has six children and two are of my age. He was also married to the mother of his last child, a 14-year-old boy, but he divorced her and is now with me and another woman who lives in England.

He says I am his queen but I am beginning to believe otherwise. When I visit him, he’s always on his phone, talking in a low sweet tone that he used to talk to me in. He asked me to move in with him a couple months ago, but what will happen when his other girlfriend comes home from England?

I don’t want to be the one he has on standby but I believe if he told me I’m number one, and then I should be number one. It’s like he’s taking me for granted, but I don’t want to leave him because he is the one paying my tuition. I also found a few X-rated text messages and pictures in his phone but I didn’t mention it to him. I just don’t know anymore and I’m sure I wouldn’t want to lose him.

— Not the First Priority?



I understand that this man pays your tuition, but do you think that it’s ok for you to lower your standards and be degraded by this man? You need to go back home to your parents or guardians. It is just devastating to watch a young lady like you go down the drain. You should try to find out if you qualify for financial aid or try to get a student loan. Please, do this instead of depending on a man old enough to be your father. This does not seem like a good path, my dear. Please light your way to a better life.


Dear Dr. Doitright,

There are a few good mechanics here in town but the one I speak of is the greatest. I always call on him whenever my vehicle needs to be serviced, and sometimes that’s four times per week. Since he is married, I make sure my vehicle is serviced during the day because I wouldn’t want him to be too tired to service his wife’s vehicle when he goes home; that would only make her suspicious. Hell, she may just follow him one day and find him here, servicing my vehicle. But now my vehicle is running out of problems. I need a new serviceman.

-Fix It Up



It’s been a while since I’ve received a letter with such a thorough code. Thank you for the refreshing change. But I must tell you that you are playing with fire. What you need to do is to stop calling your mechanic because neither of you are doing well in the Lord’s eyes. Find yourself another serviceman that is not tied to another woman, and please seek the Lord in prayer!


Dear Dr. Doitright:

A minute after Valentine’s Day, I found out that I’m the side chick. I received a picture in my mailbox of my “supposed boyfriend” getting married. Can you believe we’ve been together for three years and I didn’t know of this? Apparently, this girl attends CSU (Rams) and they’ve been dating since their freshman year in high school.

I wouldn’t mind sharing him, I mean, come on; he’s the most handsome jock at Adams! But I should’ve known because the only time we would “click” was when we were sharing a bed, and he would go home every weekend. According to him, his grandmother had cancer. I don’t care about the picture; in fact, I tore it instantly. I want my man! If that girl is willing to share, I will.

— Sharing is Caring



This is really something! You find out you’re not your boyfriend’s true love, on Valentine’s Day, and your first thought is to share him? What has this world come to? You need to slap yourself across the face. You need to slap yourself three times, in one spot, for all the years you’ve wasted with this guy, to remind you not to waste any more time with him. Find yourself a guy who will respect your mind,


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  1. Some of these stories make a single guy like myself sad, why do girls get into bad dudes? Honestly if one of you girls came to me I would treat you like a complete gentlemen. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet