ASU Theatre’s Nightmares and Swizzlesticks

Ryan Dufresne
The Paw Print

This  year the Adams State Theatre program performed Nightmares and Swizzle Sticks. This production included two one act plays directed by students who made these shows the best that they can be.
Both of the directors were very pleased by all the hard work that the actors have done to get prepared for their performances.
The first production for the Halloween slot is called, For Whom the Southern Bells Toll, a comedy, directed by Kris Barber. This play follows a young mother’s journey to finally get her youngest son a date and off of her back. As her oldest son returns from working at the factory, he brought a lady for his young brother to see if they can hit it off.
As the night progresses, the son just wants to go to bed and not meet this girl but she is not what he expects. She is loud and not that bright.
The mother also finds out that the lady that her oldest son brought is a lesbian and not good of hearing. As she is trying to hear what they are saying, she mistakenly hears the youngest son call her a queer and breaks one of his prized swizzle sticks. The mother shuts her out but the lady doesn’t understand until the mother finally say’s leave.
Now the mother is left with a son in whom she calls retarded and weird. The other son runs off to the movies and is heard on the front porch talking to no one. All the youngest son wants is to stay with his mother and his collection of glass swizzle sticks.
The second production for the Halloween slot is called, The Margins, a horror, directed by Matthew Wesley.
This play is about a group of psychics, a reporter, and a historian coming together to create an entity in which they create by their own thoughts and images.
They were going to be creating an entity that they can control. But little do they know, the entity was a spirit that was already in the house just waiting for someone to fall into its trap with some help on the outside.
As they are creating this entity, they are struck by the most harmful of things. As they try to communicate with this spirit to banish it, they get locked inside.
As the spirit messes with them, they find out who has been helping the spirit, which was one of their own. At the play ends, one dies from having the spirit take control of her and is stabbed by the one that deceived them.
These productions were the best shows for this year’s Halloween slot.
They start out as a funny comedy so it can get you prepared for the horror is to come in the next show. These shows were amazing in seeing what you may not see in public.
These shows got the audience laughing as well as running for the doors in horror.
The next production is Robin Hood for the Christmas slot. If you would like to purchase tickets for this show, please call 587-TIXX (8499). is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet