AS&F Senate Ushers In New Procedures and Business in 2010

James Williams
The Paw Print

The Associated Student and Faculty Senate of Adams State College had their first meeting of the 2010-11 school year on Monday, ushering in new procedures as well as an entirely new approach to business.
Due to a revamped voting procedure, club representatives now hold a vote and as such are present at the meetings. Straying from the typical procedure of the entirety of the meetings being open to the public, new President Lisa Chirieleison initiated an executive decision to close the first half of the meeting in order to get the new club representatives as well as the new elected members of the Senate on the same page as far as the Roberts Rules were concerned.
This action was not popular with a number of individuals, most notably former President-elect Micah Anderson, and was discussed with much fanfare following the re-opening of the meeting.
President Chirieleison started out the meeting by stating that the focus for Senate this year is on establishing a strong government and running the Senate in an efficient, business-like manner, a departure from years past.
The topic of the most interest to the student body discussed during the meeting concerned a proposed change to the off-days during the fall semester. The proposed change, if approved, would go into effect for the 2011-12 school year, and would involve one of two options.
The first option would include the elimination of fall break in October and the extension of Thanksgiving break to a full calendar week in late November, totaling nine days including the surrounding weekends. The second option would involve the extension of fall break to two days, creating a 4-day weekend with the elimination of one other day off during the fall semester and keeping Thanksgiving break at its current 5-day hiatus.
This matter will be discussed further at the next Senate meeting on Sept. 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Business building, room 142.
Students who wish to voice their opinion on the matter can send an e-mail to the AS&F at or are welcome to attend the next Senate meeting.
Senate meetings will occur every other Monday night throughout the course of the school year and will be announced on the Portal ahead of time.


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