ASC Campus April Deer Shooting Remains Unresolved

Samantha Saville
The Paw Print

The Deer shooting that happened April 22 of this year is still an open case. In April at around 2 a.m. five deer were shot on the open green in front of Richardson Hall and the Observatory close to Richardson Avenue.
An investigation was done by the Adams State Police Department and the Department of Wildlife with a $5000 reward offered for any information leading to an arrest from Adams State College and the Humane Society. This award is still in effect for information.
The Department of Wildlife headed the investigation. Several people of interest were watched by the Department of Wildlife and brought in for questioning, but no arrest was made.
Forensics were done on the deer carcasses, and bullet and cutting wounds were found on all five of the deer carcasses. The case upset a lot of people on and off campus because it was different from any other poaching case seen in the valley. These deer were shot in city limits, on a school campus, multiple animals were involved, and the animals showed evidence of cutting wounds. Dr Joel Shultz, the ASC police chie, commented about the wounds to the deer by saying “cutting in criminological profiling is different than shooting from the mindset of the perpetrator.” With cutting wounds you have to be close to you victim so it becomes more personal and it usually involves some sort of planning.
When this information was released, people from the community were worried that this was some sort of gang or cult initiation or even a practice run for something bigger. There has been no repeat of this event so far. Dr. Joel Shultz said “there have been more inquiries about that case than any other.”
The day after the deer were shot on campus someone called the police department mentioning seeing a few people crouching in the bushes near Richardson Hall the night before. This may or may not be connected to the actual deer shooting, but Dr. Shultz would like to point out if there is something suspicious then please call the ASC Police Department because you never know what it could prevent.
The case is still open and the reward for any information leading to an arrest is still in effect. The punishment for this crime will probably be a felony weapons charge and some sort of wildlife slaughter charge.  If you or anyone you know has any information about this crime or any other crime or suspicious activity you can give an anonymous tip through crime stoppers by calling 719-589-4111. If your information does lead to an arrest, you can get paid anonymously.  You can also contact Dr. Joel Shultz directly by calling or text messaging his cell phone at 719-480-1987. Also there is an option of giving information online at If there is any information on any crime past or present please contact one of the people listed above for help. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet