AS&F Responds to Conflict

Lisa Chireileison
The Paw Print

In response to Micah Anderson’s article “Problems with AS&F Senate’s First Meeting” in the Paw Print about the AS&F Government meeting on August 30th:
The Excecutive Board of AS&F formally apologizes for making a procedural mistake by entering Executive Session during the August 30 meeting.  It was strictly a training session for all of the senators and representatives to briefly go over Roberts Rules of Order, the motion process, and the new point system.  The Excecutive Board and AS&F Advisors felt strongly that it was important in light of the new Constitution and Bylaws to have a brief discussion item on the agenda to address Roberts Rules of Order, the motion process, and the new point system.  As per the Robert’s Rule of Order, there was no motion to approve any items during the closed session.  
To address Mr. Anderson’s article he is correct in saying that AS&F has an annual retreat, which will be held on September 26, 2010. At that time we will go more in depth and address the policies and procedures of the AS&F Government. As for Mr. Anderson’s student concern; student concerns are constitutionally addressed in this manor:
“ Section 3. Section 3a. A student concern is any item that is not on the agenda and needs to be addressed by the AS&F Government.  Items that do not involve 75% of AS&F shall not be raised in the general meeting; instead they shall be dealt with outside the meeting via committees, the phone, electronic and ground mail and personal meetings.  All participants shall come to the meetings with proposals and not problems.  The AS&F meeting is not a place for specific planning.  It is the place for reporting and minimal organizing. The proper procedure to follow before bringing an issue to the AS&F Government is as follows:
A.Talk to everyone involved in this particular issue.
B.Bring the concern to the appropriate committee to have the concern resolved at the committee level.
If a concern must be brought before the AS&F Government, it shall be addressed in the following order:
A.State the concern
B.Report what steps have been taken to investigate and resolve the concern.
C.Propose what further steps the AS&F Government should take and which committee should handle the concern.”
Mr. Anderson’s student concern will be addressed during our next meeting September 13, we improperly tried to address the concern in the meeting and immediately following.
Again the executive board of AS&F wants to send out our deepest apologizes. We are here to serve you. Our main focuses are our students, faculty, and staff of AS&F. Please come by our office and introduce yourself and feel free to pick up a copy of the AS&F Constitution and Bylaws.  Our mission is to serve you. We look forward to a productive year. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet