ASC Police Department: To Protect and Serve

Dr. Joel Shults
Chief of ASCPD Since 2007

ASCPD officers handle over 3500 requests for service every year and that does not count the work done by the CSAs (Campus Security Agent) workers. Last year ASCPD filed nearly 300 case reports that included two-dozen felony investigations, and forty arrests. Since the campus houses students and dependents as well, these cases include domestic violence and child abuse calls, as well as serving warrants from other agencies
Alarms and 911 hang-ups take a lot of resources and, although most are errors, we responded to over 500 of these every year and never know what we will find when we get there.
The new building additions over the past couple of years including the Plachy addition, Residences at Rex and the stadium complex, along with the music building addition, have added tens of thousands of square feet to our patrol area and in addition to our rapid enrolment growth have presented new challenges to the campus police for maintaining a high level of service.
In 2010 we were able to move to a more suitable location. Remodeling for the security of the office staff and for the safety and comfort of visitors, victims, witnesses, and even persons in custody is still in progress. Booking facilities are inspected by the state’s division of criminal justice to ensure that we are in compliance with existing laws and regulations regarding persons in custody.
Campus police are regulated by the federal government in the way that no other police agencies are. We have reporting and policy requirements that take resources to maintain. Only since 2007 has the department had full time clerical support.
Even though we are a small agency, we have developed special assignments within the agency. Tresa Rupright is designated as acting Deputy Chief and handles our state and federal reporting requirements. Alycia Riggs serves as the department’s investigator, and Layne Hall is assigned as the HRO (Housing Resource Officer).
The HRO program is just getting off the ground and was made possible by designated funding from campus auxiliaries. This will add a sixth full time police officer to the ASCPD ranks. The selection process for the new officer is in progress at this writing, but Officer Hall is already assuming the HRO duties and will be a visible presence to our resident students in the coming months
The purpose of the HRO program is to provide more access to the services of ASCPD and to engage in educational and prevention programs for residents.
The student safety escort program is still in place although seldom accessed by students. Golf carts funded in large part from a grant from ASC student government are operated by CSAs who will provide safe escort, when available, to students who are uncomfortable walking a distance from academic buildings to residence halls or parking lights during the hours of darkness.
ASCPD officers continue to have training opportunities to enhance and maintain their skills. Our goal is 120 hours of continuing training annually for each officer. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet