Art Education Creates Bonds with Local Students

Cristen Strank-Garrett
The Paw Print

Adams State University instructor Jenny Gawronski and her students have shared their passion for art with local high school students through a three-day art education class.

Gawronski taught the art education class this semester and her students taught an art lesson to the students of Antonito High School. Victorio Maestas, Aleina Gerstenberger and Brittany Petsche developed a lesson and presented it to 20 Antonito students.

The students have created a fabulous relationship with the students and faculty of Antonito. “It is a great example of building a strong community between ASU and the surrounding area.” Said Gawronski.

The lesson began with the high schoolers reflecting on who they are, what is important to them and what cultural aspects of their life they would like to celebrate. Then the students created large, self-portrait collage pieces using abstract photographs they took of themselves, paintings and other materials.

An opening reception for the students and their families was held to show off some of their work. “We will be using a gallery space on Main Street in Antonito for the show,” says Gawronski, the space for the show was donated by the gallery owner who was interested in bringing more art to Antonito.

The artwork will be on display for a while so everyone can see it. It is thanks to Gawronski that the news got spread out to the public so others can appreciate the hard work and dedication young artists can bring out once they put their minds to work.

Young artists can take advantage of the numerous ways to create art, either through drawing, painting and etc. Some art can help with the deepest sorrows or whatever problem people have, but those who keep that feeling locked up inside are bound to blow at any moment and it could be catastrophic to themselves or to others around them. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet