All-In-One Package That Will Test iTunes Dominance

Jake Hughes
The Paw Print

Being a college student a lot of my time is spent on a PC, games console or Tablet performing some kind of tedious task or unwinding playing a game.
Personally, I use the Xbox for most of my shows and movies; Netflix is a life saver in a small town like Alamosa. ITunes is another big program that is widely used by a lot of people for the use of streaming and downloading their music.
However, recently Microsoft published that they will be releasing an all-in-one entertainment service on Xbox 360 consoles.Also, with Windows 8 being released on Oct. 26 the entertainment service will be offered on PC’s, Tablets and within the next year Smart Phones will also get the package.
As of Oct. 16 Xbox 360 users will be able to enjoy the entertainment package for free streaming of radio and music. The package will also allow music subscription services and the option to buy single and whole album tracks.
The idea of the program is that it allows the user to use one program so people no longer have to service hope for their music. The library of 30 million has a Xbox Music Pass option that allows for advertisement free streaming, which is great because waiting for advertising is a pain I’m sure you agree.
Another fun feature of the entertainment package is SmartDJ. This feature is a fast and effective way to personalize your library of music and create playlists of your favorite music. This feature also allows the user to create mixes of your favorite artists.
Supposedly one of Xbox most exciting future proposition is the addition of Cloud Storage. This feature will allow the user to add their own music library to the Xbox music Cloud Catalogue.
Furthermore, another feature that will be released in the near future to the entertainment package is the Social Music feature. This feature will allow the user to share music with other people.
Xbox has now been named Microsoft’s entertainment hub instead of just a console. Xbox Music is widely dependant on Windows 8 and will now be a feature that is already installed on Windows 8. One more exciting feature is Xbox SmartGlass.
This feature allows the user to control the TV, Xbox and other devices from a tablet or phone that uses Windows 8. SmartGlass will also allow the user to transfer what they are watching from one device to another with ease.
Personally, it sounds like a good idea and I’m interested to see how it turns out. I wonder how the aesthetics will look and how useable it will be.
I mean can it be easier on the eye and the user then ITunes?
It would be nice to have every aspect of entertainment all on one system. Microsoft plan to take over the whole entertainment section with the Xbox being the centerpiece for all electronic entertainment.
It will be interesting to see how people accept this innovative idea of unifying all forms of entertainment in one. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet