Adams State Students Participate in Martin Luther King Week

Savannah Schlaufman
The Paw Print

Adams started off the new spring semester with a week-long celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.  January 17 through the 21, students were able to participate in the remembrance of the late Dr. King’s life.  Adams State was immersed in all things King, from soul food in the cafeteria, to the ‘MLK’ T-shirts being worn by the week’s coordinators.
Circle K hosted a “Day of Service” on January 17.  Similar in thought to “ASC Cares Day”, students were encouraged to volunteer their time around the community in dedication to King.  As most students were in Alamosa, but classes were still not in session, this was the perfect opportunity for students to give back to the community.  Students volunteered locally, ranging from Tu Casa to Alamosa Community Gardens.
January 18 was the official start of the new semester, and the movie, “Witness: A View from Room 306” was shown in Carsen Auditorium.  The film documented Tennessee Living Legend Award recipient and nationally recognized civil rights leader, Reverend Samuel Kyles’ recollection of King’s life.
Reverend Kyles was present on the balcony with King, when he was assassinated.  Kyles, King and Reverend Ralph Abernathy were preparing to leave to Kyle’s house that fateful day in 1968 when King was assassinated from the Lorraine Motel balcony, room 306.  Since Abernathy’s death, Kyles is the only person to have spent the last hours of King’s life with him.  The film also incorporated details of King’s work in Memphis before his death, with the Sanitation Worker’s Strike.
The 18th was also marked by an event labeled “Talking about Fairness and Justice” which was hosted by the Center for Equity in Learning and Teaching in the SUB.
Dr. Ed Crowther gave a lecture entitled “The Dangerous Jericho Road” on the 19 about the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ 1968 strike to a classroom in Porter Hall where he discussed King’s non-violent approach to change.
On the 21, Kyles graced the Richardson Hall Auditorium to talk to students and celebrate MLK week.  Kyles continues to spread King’s philosophy of equal rights.  He spoke to students about King’s life and his impact even on students today.
Even the Adams State men’s and women’s basketball teams partook in the MLK Week activities by dedicated their home games against Metro State on the 21 to the late Reverend King.  60s themed music played in between game play and the players donned King shirts to commemorate him.
This year’s celebration of the late Dr. King was a large success, due to everyone who participated in the week’s events.  This annual event at Adams was an eventful start to the new semester, and allowed students to celebrate an American hero in a new way, delve deeper into his life and all that he accomplished.  Many of the students who participated are looking forward to next year, and what new events MLK week has in store for Adams State. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet