Adams State Colleg R&J Project Hosts Interfaith Forum

The Adams State College Theatre program’s R & J Project hosts “Can Love Rescue What Hate Threatens: An Interfaith Forum” on Saturday April 9 in the Main Stage Theatre.  The forum will go from 8:30 a.m. to noon. The event is free to the public.
The community-wide interfaith forum offers an opportunity for local religious leaders and community members to explore the ways in which faith teaches us to view conflict, forgiveness, and reconciliation.  It will feature panel discussions, a scene from Romeo and Juliet, poetry, music, dance, and more.
Dr. John Taylor professor of theatre and director of the project said, “It will be an exciting and entertaining morning in which people from all walks of religious thought will have a chance to share their beliefs about these very important issues with each other.  We will explore the role of conflict in our lives and how our various faiths teach us to deal with it.”
As part of the project’s work, various San Luis Valley places of worship incorporated these themes into their services during the weekend of March 27.
Through a series of educational and public events, The R & J Project: Seeking Common Ground is examining the role of conflict, reconciliation, and forgiveness in people’s lives.  The project takes its name from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.   As the capstone of the project, the ASC Theatre Program will present a stage production of this classic play that will run April 29-May 8.
Taylor states, “As we all know Romeo and Juliet ends tragically, but this project asks if our conflicts have to always result in tragedy.  Whether it is in our personal or public lives, how to do we interact with each other in ways that promote discourse.  As human beings, we are confronted continually with the fundamental dilemma of how we will choose to treat each another.  Will we choose love over hate?  Respect over violence?  Will we celebrate our differences and not fear them?”
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