3 responses to “2012 Presidential Election Gearing Up to Be a Major Circus”

  1. Second cult member for Obama. It may surprise at least one of the above commentators but I too was for another Democrat before Obama became the nominee. As said leader of the Adams State College Cult for Obama I am happy with my decision and do not regret it. I am only pointing out that Obama campaigned on providing some great change and has been mediocre in my perspective, and disappointing on some policy issues.

    I most likely would not support another Democrat running against President Obama in 2012. He certainly did not create the mess we are in and that is just a plain fact. Sure he could have handled some issues differently and better but I will not place blame on him for every problem the United States is facing. Nor will I treat him or even write about him with the extreme magnitude of disrespect that has ever been bestowed upon an American President.

    Hilary Clinton was well known because of her husband President Bill Clinton. Their family is respected in Democratic politics, and one of the great assets. But one can easily compare that type of candidate to President George W. Bush. He was the son of a former President, a Governor, the brother of a Governor, and that certainly did not make him a very good or effective President.

    I think Democrats in general should get tougher in their message. They did a good job today with the Government shutdown possibility by staying on message. Yes, the in party would have lost seats anyway, and the congressional democrats in 2010 made some huge mistakes, but the real issue with the high dislike of Obama is some individuals cannot accept a black president of the United States with a parent from Kenya. Their sheltered in their little worlds of religious and racial intolerance on back country roads where minorities are ignored and they cannot believe one was legitimately elected. What other President has ever had to endure the amount of questioning and demands to see a birth certificate even beyond the laws of his United States State of birth? None.

  2. One cult member for President Obama. The way he has been treated by mean people has convinced me he is worth my vote. I too was for Hillary Clinton but would not vote for her if she ran against him.

  3. As one who supported Hillary Clinton, or any of the other Democrats seeking the nomination in 2008, I am happy to see that Anthony has finally come to the realization that the Messiah Obama was and is a fraud. I was never a member of his cult following groupies. He gives a good speech, and nothing else. While the GOP would have won seats anyway (the out-party almost always does in midterm election years), having the Messiah as the face of the party put the Democrats in an even worse position to defend their House majority status.
    I have never been one to not toot my own horn and will not start now. Anyone taking me in the spring, summer, or fall of 2008 will recall my prediction that the Messiah would cause longterm harm to the congressional Democrats. He has. Not-ready-for-prime-time Messiah Obama is in way over his head. I hope all of the cult members are happy with what they have done.

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