A Trip to the Denver Art Museum’s Van Gogh Show

Amita Manandhar
The Paw Print

Art lovers and art students of Adams State University had a pleasant treat on Thursday, Oct. 25 as the ASU Art department took a trip down to Denver Art Museum to see the Van Gogh exhibition.
Initially, we were supposed to leave Alamosa at 6:30 a.m. but the buses did not show up at the slated time and everyone was left wondering what the problem was.
The students waited around in the lobby of art building as Professors Roger Eriksen and Dana Provence tried to figure out why the buses did not arrive at scheduled time.
“In so many years that we have done event like these, this is the first time that something like this has happened,” said Professor Eriksen.
All the students were scattered around the lobby of art building and some were standing outside.
Some students talked about how they could have slept extra hour if they knew the bus would be late. I on the other hand was sitting in the corner with few other students worrying about how we will have to go back to our classes if the trip was cancelled.
Luckily the trip was not cancelled, after Provence called the bus drivers it was decided that the trip would start at 8.30 a.m.
All the students left to have breakfast in the Campus Café after the trip was delayed.
There were two buses that were reserved for this trip. After all the students were in the buses, we started our long journey towards Denver.
The trip was long and we watched two movies. Some students took a quick nap during the bus ride and some chose to watch the movies.
As we entered the Denver area we saw snow covered hills, and after four hours of bus ride we finally arrived at the Denver Art Museum. Everyone went to get their lunch and students were instructed to meet at the entrance of the museum an hour later.
After everyone was done with their lunch we gathered outside the museum. The first thing that greeted us outside the museum was the dustpan and broom sculpture.
After everyone got their tickets from Professor Eriksen we went inside to look at the arts.
Once inside we were instructed about the general etiquette of the museum, and how we were not supposed to make noise.
The museum was pretty crowded despite it being a weekday, and there were many people who had come to view the artwork collection of Van Gogh.
Needless to say, Van Gogh’s artwork was impressive; however, there were some that didn’t catch my eye.
The things I loved about Van Gogh’s paintings were that they were colorful and had so much texture and details.
After we were done viewing the Van Gogh exhibition everyone went to different floors of the museum to look at other artworks.
All the artworks were unique and had their own kind of flair.
All in all, the trip to Denver Art Museum was inspiring, and I am sure it sparked some creative ideas in the minds of every ASU art students.

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