National Day of Action Against ICE

Is anyone interested in this?

On July 31st, it is all of our duties to expose how ICE is working in our cities. We can not let ICE target our communities without check. ICE doesn’t operate alone.  We will demand that our cities, counties, companies, and all institutions end their cooperation with ICE. We will not allow our cities and resources to be used as tools to keep immigrants and their children hostage.

Join us for an action planning call on Thursday, July 12th at 8pm EST to find out how you can take down ICE from within your own community.

Amazon provides the technology that allows ICE to separate families and terrorize the immigrant community.

I cannot be a bystander as Amazon facilitates the criminalization of my immigrant community. I won’t be complicit as Amazon upholds the ICE deportation machine. It is our moral duty to stop cooperating with ICE and demand the institutions we are part of do the same.

Sign the petition to join us and Amazon employees to demand that CEO Jeff Bezos stop all cooperation with ICE.

ICE relies on private tech companies to develop their surveillance technology. ICE relies on airlines to deport people. ICE relies on departments of labor, schools, DMVs and hospitals to share their records with them, helping them persecute undocumented people.

This action is only the beginning.