Frisbee Golf Summer ’16 Exercise Group

Come one, come all to the frisbee golf exercise group, which meets on Tuesdays at 330PM at the Alamosa disc golf course (which is northwest of Cattails golf course).  We have extra discs for you!

2 thoughts on “Frisbee Golf Summer ’16 Exercise Group

  1. I would love to come to the event! I have been waiting for a long time for ASU to have an event pertaining to Frisbee golf. Frisbee golf is so fun to play with others because I love the competitiveness that everyone brings to the table when the game is played the right way. I will most definitely be there for the event and if there is anything else that I need to know about it please email me and let me know.

    • Jordan,
      We have been playing every week. Are you back in town? We will be playing tomorrow… Hope to see you there!

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