Spring 2016 Green Home Design Course Enrollement

Interested in learning more about sustainable home design? Please see the press release below for more information on a course organized by Natural Power and ASU Community Partnerships that will be offered this fall for students and interested community members:

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MEDIA CONTACT: Mary Hoffman, (719) 587-7372; Chuck Reel, (719) 379-0672

As environmental matters grow more and more prominent in our communities, media, and personal lives, the need is ever growing for ways to maintain one’s quality of life while minimizing their impact on the environment. Natural Power and Adams State University Community Partnerships are offering a course to both Adams State University students and San Luis Valley community members that fills this need by educating attendees on a wide variety of environmentally-friendly construction designs, materials, and technology. This class gives a practical education on the construction and modification of healthy and holistic living spaces designed to minimize their negative impact on the resident and the environment, and is relevant to any current or future homeowner.

The Green Home Design course will cover topics such as use of solar energy, conservation of energy and water, straw bale and adobe housing, and retrofitting an existing home, among many others. It also gives students the opportunity to visit environmentally friendly buildings around the valley and take part in hands-on lessons. Classes will be held every other Saturday starting on January 23rd, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the School of Business room 142 on Adams State Campus. The course is available both for-credit for ASU students (CRN 12236, ID 179), as well as non-credit for community members.

Current ASU students may register for the course as they would any other class at Adams State, while community members may register for the course either in person or over the phone with ASU Community Partnerships. For more information, or to register non-credit, please contact Brock at (719) 587-7230.

Glass Recycling Update

Glass recycling on campus is moving again. Hopefully, this will be an easier location for you to find. As of Monday, November 9th, you can drop off your glass in the white greenhouse on East Campus. It’s by the Campus/Community Gardens on the northeast side of East Campus. Please sort into brown, green, and clear.

We have further good news. The City of Alamosa is getting a glass crusher and hopefully that will be up and running by spring semester. We’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for helping us make ASU more sustainable!

Urban Green Space & Mental Health

Can spending more time in nature or urban green spaces improve mental health?

Nature Walk

The following popular press article highlights findings from peer-reviewed literature that suggest that a simple walk in a natural setting may reduce stress and help individuals focus on mental tasks. With the trend of urban centers growing at an accelerated rate compared to populations in rural regions, this issue will continue persist. Arguably it will become increasingly important for city planners to consider integrating urban green space while helping communities create a vision for zoning and the use of public space in order to promote mental health.

Glass Recycling – Updated Location

The glass recycling trailer has moved. It’s now on the southwest corner of the ropes course, southeast of the soccer fields, in the northwest corner of the Lutheran Church parking lot, and at 37d28’36.42″N 105d52’44.70″W for those of you who would like to make it an exercise in geocaching.

Please remember to sort by color (green, brown, clear).

Thanks for helping us make ASU more sustainable!