Computing Services Announcement regarding ‘Heartbleed’ vulnerability, please read!

As you may have already heard in the news, there is a massive security vulnerability called ‘heartbleed’ that is causing major havoc throughout the Internet. ASU Computing Services has already begun taking measures to eliminate the vulnerability on the servers that are affected. In order to fully finish securing our systems, there will be some outages in service as outlined below:


-Today (4/10/14) beginning at 5:30 PM, we will be patching our Aruba wireless system. This will take down all wireless Internet services for approximately 60 minutes.


-Beginning tomorrow afternoon (Friday) various web services such as the main campus web server, the employee email server and other, less noticeable services will be briefly unavailable as we apply our new security certificate. Estimated outages are anticipated at 10 minutes or less.


***Passwords, please read***


This is a very serious vulnerability that has impacted a major percentage of Internet web services. Computing Services will be sending out an announcement next week indicating when we want ALL ASU users to change their passwords. We are timing this forced password reset to coincide with the completion of our patching of the back-end systems that have been affected. When you receive this email next week, PLEASE follow the instructions to reset your password, but as always, NEVER send your username and password in an email to ANYONE.

Also, Computing Services strongly urges everyone to consider changing ALL of the passwords that they use for other Internet services such as personal Yahoo and Gmail accounts, banking sites, social networking sites, and anything else that you log into on the Internet.


If you have any questions at all or concerns regarding this important issue, please contact the ASU Computing Services Helpdesk at x7741 or via email at


****CS Maintenance for tonight, 4/10/14****


Finally, Computing Services will be performing a few other maintenance tasks beginning tonight at 9:00 PM:


-Employees are encouraged to log off but leave their computers on overnight to assist with the patching process of Windows, Office, Flash and Firefox.


– Also at 9:00 PM and lasting roughly 30 minutes, Computing Services will be performing maintenance on the campus TEC Classrooms. While we don?t anticipate any issues with this maintenance, please let us know if you experience any issues in the TEC Classrooms on Friday morning.


Computing Services thanks you for your patience and understanding as we perform these critical maintenance activities. As always, if you have any questions, please call the ASU Computing Services Helpdesk at 7741 or contact us via email at


Thank you!


Computing Services