Be ready for finals! – Tips from Computing Services

Finals are almost here! Computing Services has a few helpful hints to keep in mind as the end of the semester nears.

Back up your files!

Please remember to backup any important documents that you might need for your classes!

Always keep important files stored in multiple locations. Having the only copy of an important file only on one computer or a thumbdrive could lead to data loss if that location gets corrupted or lost.

Your campus network drive,, is backed up every evening by Computing Services. For more information about using the network drive, please visit this link:

Beware of malicious software!

Computing Services has seen several instances of fake-antivirus infections on personal computers on campus. These are malicious programs that simulate legitimate anti-virus software, but instead will cause your computer to become more infected with other forms of spyware and malware.

Another malicious program called Cryptolocker will go as far as encrypt your personal data, making it unreadable.

Be suspicious of unfamiliar applications or anything that asks for your personal information! To protect against these kinds of software, be sure to run your Windows Updates, update your AntiVirus, and update any third party applications, such as Adobe Flash or Java.

If you have any questions please contact the Computing Services Helpdesk at 19-587-7741 or email us at