Computing Services Maintenance for Thursday, 6/14/2012- Banner INB Change

The following maintenance activities will take place after 9 PM during our normally scheduled maintenance window:

-ASU will be converting from the old Banner INB to the new Banner INB connection for PROD on Thursday Night 6/14. By now Banner users should have tested the new connection to the DEVL database. If you have not yet done so, be sure to do that this week. By going through the DEVL connection process, you will setup your browser to work properly once we make the switch to prod.

-As part of this migration, users running Windows 7 will receive a new icon to Banner INB, and will also have the ‘Devl’ and Opera shortcuts removed automatically. Employees are encouraged to log out, but leave your computer turned on when leaving work on Thursday.

For the full announcement that was sent to all Banner Users, please see below.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the ASU Computing Services Help Desk at x7741 or via email at

Thank you,

Computing Services

***Full Announcement***

Below is the original BUGS message regarding this change for those that need to review.

As part of the hardware and software migration towards Banner 9, the banner login (INB) interface will be changing. To assist with this change, we will update only the ‘DEVL’ login initially followed by ‘PROD’ in a couple of weeks. This will allow you to test your desktop on DEVL and resolve any issues before you would need to use it for PROD.

We will be changing the DEVL login on Monday, May 21. We ask that you login to DEVL during that week and test your ability to connect to DEVL. Follow the instructions for your desktop windows system, either XP or Windows 7.



If your computer is running on windows XP, you can test the login anytime starting May 21 by launching your current banner INB (Internet Explorer) program and selecting the DEVL radio button. You will likely have to

answer some prompts as it re-configures itself, such as allowing a java applet to run.

Specific instructions can be found at:

The PROD radio button will continue to function as normal.



If you are running on windows 7:

A new IE (Internet Explorer) INB icon will be pushed out to your desktop during the week of May 21. Watch for that icon to appear on your desktop. When it arrives, follow the same procedures as for the XP users, namely, launch the new IE INB, select the DEVL radio button and follow the instructions at this link.

Caution: Do NOT select the PROD radio button, it will not work and may cause IE to crash.

Please continue to use the Opera browser to access PROD during this period.



If you have problems, please contact the help desk at x7741.

Thank you