Let the adventure BEGIN!!!! By Vince Alcon

Hello wonderful world!! I am the ever-so-fabulous Vince Alcon from Westminster, CO but, originally from the Philippine Islands. A little bit more about me, I am a nursing student at Adams State University, always up to laugh and love to learn/immerse myself in different cultures. Being around people is my hobby, I am what you call an extreme extrovert! I will try anything 3 times or more before I form an opinion about it.

I am so excited to be a part of this Alternative Spring Break (ASB) experience. Last year through ASB, I was fortunate enough to visit Mexicali, MX. There we did some service, had a LOT of  fun, but most importantly, learned about border issues.  This was the biggest thing I took away from this trip; the reality of having these borders and the injustice it has caused many people. Going to Senora, MX, on this year’s ASB experience, I want to explore how the border issues have affected different regions away from the border. Mexicali was right on the border so these issues were much more prominent. It will be interesting to see the effects of these issues further away from the border.

I would be lying if I said that was the only reason why I am participating on this trip. I am also excited about having some real tacos! Plus, getting to know new people excites me and being in a different country with new surroundings and a different culture is going to be an amazing experience, I can feel it in my bones!!! I look forward to get to know my fellow colleagues on this trip and also reflect on my life and who I am.

“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong”

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