Unforgettable Experience By Soledad Dominguez

There are so many reasons why I am excited for this trip to Sonora, Mexico. I always love meeting new people and I think by exploring social and cultural issues is a great way. This helps many of us with becoming leaders of our community and everywhere we are. Serving people means a lot to me. I hope I am able to appreciate things even more on this trip. Since I am bilingual I hope I am able to help others communicate. I want to also increase my public speaking abilities as well as working with others I don’t really know. I also want to familiarize myself more with the Mexican culture. Maybe I will see things I have not seen before and I will dearly enjoy that. I always loved doing community service even during my high school years. I want to be able to hear other’s stories and experiences as well as tell others mine and what changed my life. We are surrounded by so many bad things happening around the world that I feel that experiencing these types of things helps us see life a little better. I am filled with joy in being able to travel with a group of people that all are willing to serve and learn about another culture. I hope we can all get together and make a difference in a short amount of time.  sol (1)