ASB 2016 Experience to Sonora, MX By Elena Arredondo

Culture is the driving force that influences a variety of people. Ideals of art, music, and religion are all influences in life that not only distinguish different forms of beauty, but also challenge creativity and acceptance. I have traveled to different states, and have learned of different forms of culture that have been altered to fit new styles as people from other countries move to the states.  My experiences in other states have not only altered my perspectives on life, but have also given me a chance to become more open-minded and accepting of others’ journeys. This trip to Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico will be my first time out of the country.  I hope to learn more about the people and what their hopes, dreams, and beliefs are. I think this experience will not only allow me to see the differences between countries, but may also highlight some of the ways I can better help not only my community, but eventually the world.  I am excited and nervous about this new step because I will be experiencing a lot of firsts, but I am positive this experience will build my character and be a fun learning experience!Elena