Account terminations for students no longer active at ASU

Computing Services is in the process of deleting accounts of students who are no longer actively admitted or registered for classes, and have not been for over a year. With all of the recent phishing and spam emails that have been floating around trying to convince users to click a link or enter their username and password into a form, we realize that students may think that the warning message we send out is not legitimate. In hopes of providing as much notice as possible regarding these upcoming account deletions, Computing Services is publishing the text of the warning message below. Please note that we will NEVER ask users to reply to an email or click a link to provide their account information. Instead, we have provided our direct telephone number to the helpdesk so that students can call us directly to verify that this is a legitimate message.

*****Sample Account Termination Message*****

Dear Student-Name,


You are receiving this email message because our records indicate that you are no longer an active student, and have not enrolled in any classes at Adams State University for three or more consecutive semesters. Due to this inactivity, Computing Services is performing an account deletion on your student account scheduled in 14 days. If this information is incorrect, and you are currently enrolled as a student at ASU, please call our ASU Computing Services Help Desk directly at 719-587-7741 so that we can update your record and keep your account

active. You may also reply to this email indicating that this is in error, and we can schedule a conversation with a Help Desk assistant to update your records.


Remember, ASU will NEVER ask for your password over email or the phone. If you ever doubt the legitimacy of a message, you should not reply to the message, but instead call the known phone number or visit the website you know to be authentic. We will be posting messages regarding

this account deletion to the Computing Services Blog page and the Campus Announcements page on the University One Stop page.


If you have any questions, please call the ASU Computing Services Help Desk directly at 719-587-7741.


Thank you,


Computing Services