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Library News and Events | Phone Chargers at the Nielsen Library
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Campus Announcements | Drop-in Study Sessions
Need extra help? Check out the Grizzly Testing and Learning Center drop-in study sessions running April 21st through May 2nd. For courses supported, days, times, and locations call (719)587-8189 or[…] Read More

Applied Student Leadership | Dance Floor Theory
  Check out swift kick's blog on D.F. L.  and find out what student engagement and leadership look like on college campuses across the nation (and in Sweden because its cool).[…] Read More

Your super source for everything AS&F... | Are you Grizzly Tough
Please share what it means to be GRIZZLY tough. Post your photos or share a story about what makes you a GRIZZLY... Please pass this on to fellow students. We[…] Read More

Computing Services | What's new with ASU Technology? Computing Services Presentation Invite
Computing Services invites you to come chat with us on what is new with ASU technology! To better accommodate everyone's busy schedules, we have scheduled three different time slots in[…] Read More

Featured: ASAP Celebrates Valentines Day With FREE Hot Cocoa!

Kudos for whoever had the brilliant idea of giving away free hot chocolate on Valentines Day! Who doesn't love free hot cocoa? Who doesn't love free stuff? IMG_0281 (800x533) IMG_0282 (800x533) IMG_0288 (800x533) IMG_0267 (800x533)IMG_0280 (800x533) Because when ASAPers aren't outside doing extreme stuff, they like to socialize and give away free stuff! Thanks to all the dudes and dudettes that stopped by and had a chat with us! We hope you join us for one or several of our upcoming trips this spring semester! Laters! Continue reading ASAP Celebrates Valentines Day With FREE Hot Cocoa! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet