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Campus Announcements | Recycle your ink cartridges at ASU Community Partnerships
Do you have a used up, dried out, laser toner cartridge or inkjet cartridge that you don't know what to do with?? Bring it to the Community Partnership Building, located[…] Read More

Library News and Events | Find the Front Page of the New York Times for Your Birthday
Do you need to find the front page of the New York Times for your date of birth? The Nielsen Library has step-by-step instructions specifically for this assignment! Click the[…] Read More

Zacheis Planetarium | Total Lunar Eclipse on Oct. 8
In the predawn hours of Oct. 8, Coloradoans will be able to see one of the universes beautiful spectacles: a total lunar eclipse.  Read about it on the Sky Watch[…] Read More

Adams State University Observatory | Aerial Photo
Mike Henderson shared a fantastic aerial photo he took this afternoon with a quad-copter. It almost makes us look like we're out in the middle of nowhere. Almost... [caption id="attachment_73"[…] Read More

Your super source for everything AS&F... | Update your Club page
Attention Clubs! We are currently in the process of updating the club pages on this blog. To help us with the most up to date information please click here Your information[…] Read More

Featured: ASAP Celebrates Valentines Day With FREE Hot Cocoa!

Kudos for whoever had the brilliant idea of giving away free hot chocolate on Valentines Day! Who doesn't love free hot cocoa? Who doesn't love free stuff? IMG_0281 (800x533) IMG_0282 (800x533) IMG_0288 (800x533) IMG_0267 (800x533)IMG_0280 (800x533) Because when ASAPers aren't outside doing extreme stuff, they like to socialize and give away free stuff! Thanks to all the dudes and dudettes that stopped by and had a chat with us! We hope you join us for one or several of our upcoming trips this spring semester! Laters! Continue reading ASAP Celebrates Valentines Day With FREE Hot Cocoa! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet