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Campus Announcements | Earn $$ Writing in Spanish for the Paw Print
Do you write Spanish? Then the Paw Print wants you! We are looking for writers for our Spanish section. We pay $15 for every 500 word article that you publish[…] Read More

Library News and Events | Textbook Reserves
Are your textbook bills overwhelming you? Did you know that the Nielsen Library has copies of some textbooks in the Reserves Collection? To see if we have your textbook, search the[…] Read More

Creative Relations | Have some student profiles to share on your site?
We've been working with Gina Shiba, Julie Waechter and Linda Relyea to add graduates' photos and testimonials to the MBA site.  We've also worked with John Taylor to develop a[…] Read More

Your super source for everything AS&F... | VP Of Finance Position Open
Interested in joining the AS&F Executive Board? The appointed position of VP Of Finance is open! To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to the AS&F President, Joe[…] Read More

Adams State University Observatory | Grand opening announced!
The official public Grand Opening of the new ASU Observatory has been scheduled!  See the "Scheduled Public Programs" page for details![…] Read More

Featured: ASAP Celebrates Valentines Day With FREE Hot Cocoa!

Kudos for whoever had the brilliant idea of giving away free hot chocolate on Valentines Day! Who doesn't love free hot cocoa? Who doesn't love free stuff? IMG_0281 (800x533) IMG_0282 (800x533) IMG_0288 (800x533) IMG_0267 (800x533)IMG_0280 (800x533) Because when ASAPers aren't outside doing extreme stuff, they like to socialize and give away free stuff! Thanks to all the dudes and dudettes that stopped by and had a chat with us! We hope you join us for one or several of our upcoming trips this spring semester! Laters! Continue reading ASAP Celebrates Valentines Day With FREE Hot Cocoa! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet