Wreford and the Presidential Teacher’s Award

Cody Schuman
The Paw Print

For the third consecutive year, Dave Wreford of the English Department, received the most nominations for Adams State’s Presidential Teacher Award. Unfortunately, he finds himself in the same boat as the previous two years – ineligible.

The annual award is administered to three full-time faculty members for their outstanding efforts in the classroom. These faculty members are nominated by students for their work not just teaching undergraduate students, but also for their work as an advisors and mentors. The nominations are then compiled and given to a student committee appointed by Provost with recommendations from the chairs. The committee will then select a handful of finalists and will eventually deliberate and choose three winners.

Wreford, despite teaching four to five classes a semester, is not listed as a full-time faculty member. Instead, he is listed as an adjunct or part-time professor. Therefore, according to the Provost requirements for the award, he is ineligible.

“It means so much to me,” Wreford said of the nominations. “It makes me feel absolutely wonderful.”

The English instructor brings a unique approach to the classroom that most students find comforting and enjoyable. Wreford’s goal is to focus on the students completely, because he realizes how important college really is. “College is the first step to making their dreams come true; I just want to help them be successful,” he said.

Most students who are or have been enrolled in one of his classes, tend to identify with his friendly and easy-going mentality. “So many students have said to me that they hated English class. My goal is for those students to learn and to actually enjoy class.”

While it is unfortunate that Wreford is ineligible to actually win the award, the three finalists who actually garnered the Presidential Teacher’s honor are still very qualified. Dr. Tracy Doyle, Dr. Stephen Roberds, and Dr. Clarence Parks were announced as the award recipients last Wednesday at the Employee Celebration Ceremony.

Each recipient will receive $1,500 in support of their professional development as well as the opportunity to teach a presidential teacher course in the following academic year. Congratulations to the finalists and, of course, the award winners.

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