What Was So Noteworthy

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At the beginning of last week a friend of mine asked a rhetorical question, “What is so noteworthy about it?” after staring at a poster advertizing “A Noteworthy Evening.” And now, after having attended the prestigious event, I have an answer.

On Friday, April 9, a musical wonder took place as the evening commenced.  It was a performance by the professors of the music department that both enchanted and transported me to a place of peace. It was truly like a drink of ambrosia after walking in the desert of mediocrity and the violent winds of business.

First of all, I was impressed by my own ignorance. Until I paid at the door for my ticket, I had no idea that the concert was actually a fundraiser and that the money being raised was to be used by the music department for scholarships. Also, until about a half an hour before the concert started, I was unaware that it was supposed to be a semi-formal event (none of the girls wore ball-gowns so it was not a formal event, but many of the men wore tuxedos.) Thankfully, a friend from the music department enlightened me so that I would not make a fool out of myself.

Second, I was impressed by how wonderfully each professor performed, each one different and unique.  For the first time, I was privileged to hear the pipe organ that is embedded in Leon Memorial Hall actually played. With many of the other songs, I was truly disappointed when they had to end, especially a duet between violin and piano that was so beautiful it nearly physically moved my heart (thankfully, I am not the kind of person that cries at beautiful music or else I would have been blubbering profusely.)

Third, after the concert, we walked over to the Luther Bean Museum where I was impressed by both the live music again supplied by the professors and the delicious refreshments. But the best part of the reception for me was when the band played some swing music and many of the guests and staff broke into dancing, I had never seen that museum so alive.

Thank you, all of you in the music department, for such an enjoyable and “noteworthy” evening.

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