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Resources for Students

By Marissa McIntosh


As the spring semester begins, there are some things that incoming students and current students need to know and remember. Adams State University has a vast variety of resources available for students, however, many of these resources are often unknown or overlooked. The services listed below can assist students with various aspects of their schoolwork, post-graduation plans, and careers.

The Nielsen Library is a great resource and provides students with comfortable study areas to use, yet it is often overlooked. Students can check out course materials or browse books, newspapers, magazines and movies for entertainment. While processes may be different than in past years, students can still obtain the library’s materials. To access course materials, either ask your professor if they have been in contact with the library or ask a librarian if they are available to scan pages for you. In addition, the Circulation team, as well as the librarians, are available to answer any question. Contact them at (719) 587-7781.

Student Support Services (SSS) provides a variety of tools for students of all ages, including transition from high school to college. In addition, the SSS offers academic counselling, financial literacy, career counseling, graduate school preparation, tutoring, and mentoring. If you want to participate in a program or have further questions, contact them at (719) 587-7632.

Career Services also provide guidance and information on careers and graduate school. They also offer help with resumes, cover letters, networking skills, careers and employment, and internships. This service is crucial as it can help students prepare for a career through workshops and mentoring. The earlier a student uses this service in their academic career, the better chance they will have finding jobs after graduation. However, even if you are almost finished with your degree, contact them at (719) 587-8336 and see what they can do for you.

Another great service is the Writing Studio. As the name suggests, students (and even alumni) can use this resource to become better writers. They help with resumes, cover letters, essays, philosophy statements, presentations, and citations. You may choose to use the studio at any point in your project process, however, make sure you have two to three key issues or points you want to discuss before your session. Sessions are about 30-minutes long and can be scheduled by appointment. Due to COVID-19, make sure to call about availability as sessions have been moved online. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact them at (719) 587-7898.

The services listed above are by no means the only resources available on campus and students should be encouraged to research others. If you have any questions about campus and don’t know where to begin, contact One Stop.  Even if they may not be able to answer your question, they can forward you to someone who can. In essence, don’t be afraid to reach out and get the help you need in order to have a successful academic career.



Covid News

By Kathleen White


You may want to stock back up on some masks as you gear up for this fall semester. Life started to feel like it was going back towards what we know as normal. Many places were opening back up to total capacity and lifting the mask requirements for fully vaccinated people. But that isn’t the case anymore. Now we need to take a huge step back. Mask mandates are coming back, and who knows, some places may start limiting the capacities again. We’ll have to stay tuned. This is happening because of the new delta variant, a new strain that is spreading like wildfire.

According to the CDC, the delta variant is more contagious than the earlier variants of COVID-19. Their concern is surrounding individuals that are not currently vaccinated. However, it is essential to note that even fully vaccinated individuals can spread this virus and even get infected themselves. However, their symptoms tend to be mild and don’t last as long. They are recommending people, even those vaccinated, to continue to wear a mask in indoor spaces. It is better to be safe than sorry. Vaccinated people can have variant breakthroughs, which allows them to spread the virus. They describe this as “previous variants typically produced less virus in the body of infected fully vaccinated people (breakthrough infections) than in unvaccinated people. In contrast, the Delta variant seems to produce the same high amount of virus in both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people. However, like other variants, the amount of virus produced by Delta breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people also goes down faster than infections in unvaccinated people. This means fully vaccinated people are likely infectious for less time than unvaccinated people.”

They also offer some vital information on variants in general and how they arise. The best way to slow the emergence of new variants is to limit the spread of infection. They describe the best ways to do this via vaccines, social distancing, and masks. There are tests available that can determine if you have contracted a variant. However, they will not tell you which one you have. Feel free to check in at CDC.gov for more information.

There are multiple vaccines for COVID-19 still available. You can visit any of your local pharmacies at no cost to get this vaccine. You can also make an appointment at the doctor’s office. Just check in with your local pharmacies/doctors to gather further details.

Also, here is another update.  You may have noticed an email just recently sent out this week. All staff and students will be expected to wear masks when we return since we are considered an area of high risk for COVID-19 transmission. So get that vaccine, mask up, and have a great fall semester Grizzlies!



A Whole Universe of Scholarships

By Levi Savage Lowe


Have you ever heard of Scholarship Universe? This program gives ASU students a medium through which to apply for scholarships. This efficient platform allows students access to a great variety of scholarships. The Scholarship Universe manages both the 175 internal scholarships offered through the Adams State Foundation and the external scholarships that are nationally recognized. With both the internal and external scholarships, students have access to over 14,000 scholarships offered across the country. This platform was also designed with students in mind. It has a straightforward layout, and it is easily accessible with an Adams State student ID and password. This sort of layout is already familiar to students, and it should offer easy access as students begin to apply for scholarships.

The implementation of the Scholarship Universe began to promote efficiency in the scholarship application process and to simplify it. “There was a need,” said Phil Schroeder, the  Director of Student Financial Aid at ASU. Traditionally, scholarship applications have been submitted manually using paper forms and physical mail systems. In order to have a fighting chance at being awarded a scholarship, students must apply for numerous scholarships. The applications do not always come easy, though. One must also take into consideration the time it takes to write scholarship letters tailored to individual scholarships, format them, print them, and mail them. This process is daunting, and it can be costly for students who must pay to print out their scholarship applications. The Scholarship Universe system was developed in partnership by the University of Arizona and Phoenix, AZ based CampusLogic in order to get away from this manual process. ASU is actually the second institution in the entire country, only after D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY, to implement this platform for its students.

As with all promising programs, the process of implementing the Scholarship Universe did not simply happen overnight. ASU actually began evaluating other platforms for this purpose  in the Spring of 2018. After thoroughly researching other platforms, it was decided that the Scholarship Universe was the best option to choose for the sake of the students. In order for ASU to provide access to this helpful platform, the rights to use it had to be purchased. The funds necessary to purchase these rights were provided by the Adams State Foundation. With the Scholarship Universe now active, officially launching in early January of this year, students can now use this system to find information on and apply for scholarships that were previously unavailable or difficult to find. The ASU Financial Aid Office plans to work on a future project dealing with the verification of data from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The project would work with the FAFSA’s Verification Process in order to simplify the process for those who are selected for verification.

For more information on the Scholarship Universe, head to: https://www.adams.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/, and start applying for scholarships today!



Cruella Review

By Marissa McIntosh


Following 2020’s summer without movie releases in theaters, the summer of 2021 had many movie releases to offer including Disney’s Cruella. The movie follows a trend Disney has been working on in recent years where classical villains are given their own movie. The previous franchise to follow this narrative was Maleficent in May of 2014 and its sequel in 2019. The launch of Maleficent sought to create a backstory for the Disney villain that helped audiences understand her motivations and made the character more relatable. In addition, it explained her relationship with Aurora. Disney has chosen to continue down this path and released Cruella.

In this movie, Cruella is much more than a basic villain. The movie chronicles her childhood and her time as a young adult. At the beginning of the film, the audience learns that her real name is Stella. Cruella is a nickname her mom jokingly gives her as a young child when she’s being unruly or mean. Stella is deeply attached to her mother, who only wants for her to succeed. However, with her naturally half black, half white hair, Stella has a hard time fitting. The kids at her school consistently bully her for it, to which she responds with violence. Eventually, she is kicked out of school for being too problematic. From that point on, the story takes an unexpected turn that results in Stella meeting her best friends (and proclaimed family) while living in London and attempting to become a fashion designer.

In giving a proper background, as well as loads of characterization, Cruella’s true motivation and explosive personality is revealed. In addition, her henchmen, identified in the original 101 Dalmatians movie, are given the same treatment in terms of characterization. The first one, Jasper, is noted as the person to whom she is closest. The second, Horace, is another faithful friend and partner in crime. Cruella states during the movie multiple times that these boys are her family, that they were there for her when no one else was.

From a personal perspective, the movie was an enjoyable experience. The sets, costume designs, and music add to the overall experience with the costume design being a personal favorite. Fashion is a central theme to the movie. In fact, it is Cruella’s passion as her dream is to become an accomplished fashion designer. The audience is able to see Cruella’s skill and creative talent as her designs came to life throughout the film.

In terms of critic reviews, Rotten Tomatoes scored Cruella at 74% on its tomatometer, noting that the movie “can’t quite answer the question of why its title character needed an original story”, however, Common Sense Media scored the movie high, noting the movie, “attempts to explain Cruella’s (Emma Stone) nefarious behavior in a way that will spark empathy in viewers.” I personally enjoyed this film and appreciate the new direction Disney is taking where classic Disney Villains are given a backstory and a personality beyond being evil. And as previously stated, the costume design was phenomenal. I also thought Emma Stone did a remarkable job bringing Cruella to a refreshing a new light.


Tips for a New Semester

By Marissa McIntosh


Although each and every semester carries its own challenges, this semester may prove to be one of the most challenging yet. We all know how much the pandemic has affected almost every aspect of life; however, some things remain the same including the need for staying on track, staying informed, being organized, and developing good study habits. Listed below are some pieces of advice some might find useful. Even if you’ve heard this before, it’s always good to have a reminder.

First things first, make sure to check in with your advisor. Ask them if you are on track or what kind of classes you need to take. Sometimes they may recommend something that isn’t on your degree plan, but will help you in your career. In addition, checking in with your advisor will allow you to prepare for your future; whether that be grad school or finding a career after you graduate.

Check your grizzlies email constantly; it is your lifeline. It cannot be said enough. Your email will connect you with information about campus life and announcements. Furthermore, your professors will be communicating with you through your email, whether it be for a cancelled class, an update on an assignment, or general instructions. Have this email readily available and check it multiple times a day in order to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

When studying, try not to cram all at once. Study an hour or two each day. If you have to study for longer than one or two hours, try to incorporate breaks. Your brain shuts off after a while and won’t retain as much information. When taking a break, make sure that whatever you’re doing is completely different from studying. In addition, make sure the activity you choose is not something you’ll be sucked into for very long. Try taking a walk, getting a snack, or listening to music. Also, if while you are studying, if you have questions about an assignment, contact your professor. If you find that you’re struggling a lot, see if there is tutoring available for your course.

It’s always easier said than done, but don’t procrastinate. Do assignments as soon as they’re assigned. If there are semester-long projects, work on them a little bit at a time throughout the semester. This is something that is told to almost every student, probably for as long as they can remember. But this semester, with school being so different and with more pressure, it is crucial that students don’t procrastinate. By doing assignments in a timely manner, stress and anxiety can be reduced.

Finally, attend class. Skipping class consistently will almost always lead to a poor grade. You will miss out on crucial information in order to be successful in the class. Even if you don’t think you will ever use the information after you graduate, show up. You need the information, in the very least, to pass the course. And besides, you’re paying for that class, you might as well attend and get something out of it.

Some of these tips may have been given to you many times, but it is because they work. This might be a tough semester, but taking this advice to heart will help in the long run.


Review of Black Widow

By Marissa McIntosh


Summer of 2021 saw the release of Marvel’s much anticipated Black Widow. The film was originally scheduled to release May of 2020, but was pushed back multiple times to accommodate the global pandemic. Fortunately, Disney was finally able to release to movie to theaters and Disney+ in July of 2021.

The movie was generally well-received, with a current score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. Many comments focus on positive reviews of the director, Cate Shortland. On a personal level, I truly loved this movie and thought it was well worth the wait. I enjoyed the plot as well as the action sequences. I also liked the direction they took with Natasha (Black Widow) and how they continued to build her character. I also like that you get an insight to her life before the Avengers, which has been a mystery to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I felt that by the end of the movie, her character and legacy were expanded and honored. Some slight references to Natasha’s earlier years have been depicted in a few of the Marvel movies, however, this film clearly defines how Black Widow came to be. The movie shows how our past and present experiences define our personalities, capabilities and ambitions. It is action-packed, funny, and touching. It also introduces a new character, Yelena, as a character who is multidimensional, including being at times the comedic relief, but was also capable of serious emotions and equally capable of tactical fighting.

Though Black Widow generally received positive reviews, there were some complaints. One of the complaints of for the movie was the fact that it was released far later than it should have been, meaning that fans thought that the chronology of the movie should have been filmed and released earlier than 2020/2021. Another complaint was that it followed a similar formula to the rest of the MCU and was not particularly unique to Marvel’s lineup.

The movie has also been the focus of controversy in recent weeks as the star of Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, has filed a law suit against Disney on July 29, 2021, claiming that Disney breached their contract with her by releasing the movie on Disney+ at the same time it was released in theaters. In addition, she claims that this breach in contract resulted in a loss of income to the tune of 50 million dollars. Disney’s response to Johannsson’s suit essentially claimed she was being unfair and failed to consider the pandemic as a variable in the situation. According to CNBC, “Disney claims it upheld its end of the deal by giving the film a wide theatrical release, while Johansson’s lawyers claim the company cut corners during the pandemic to boost its new streaming service and deny their client millions in backend payments.” Currently, Disney is attempting to keep the conversations behind closed doors, so to speak, rather than a public court proceeding. They have even filed a suit to make sure future filings are to be kept out of a public court.

In conclusion, Black Widow made a splash, both in theaters and in the courtroom. The long-awaited movie was worth the wait and can be enjoyed at the local theater as well as Disney+.



Grizzly Competed in Tokyo

By Brianna Robles


Eilish Flanagan is a well-known athlete at Adams State University, but as she made the most of her senior year representing the Grizzlies, she paved the way to granting herself a ticket into competing in the biggest stage of the world.

Despite the long extension of training and not knowing what the future holds, Flannagan continued to work hard as she made her name well known. In early May Flanagan competed in Eugene, Oregon and left the crowd speechless as lead the way towards breaking a three-year NCAA DII record at the Oregon Twilight meet in the women’s 3,000meter steeplechase.

Flanagan won the 3,000-meter steeplechase in 9:40.68, which is what began to set the tone as the Olympic Games were approaching.

As Flanagan competed in her last race for the Grizzlies, she gave a remarkable performance as she led the women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase at the NCAA DII Outdoor National Championships ending her career as a Grizzly as she won her first national title with a time of 9:57.44.

Flanagan continued to train through as she prepared for a race that could change her life. Both Eilish and her sister Roisin Flanagan hoped to be able to stay on track and reach the Olympic standards to compete at the Tokyo Olympics. Both of these women stepped to the line and competed at the AAI Games and CE Championships at Moron Stadium in Dublin, Ireland in mid-June. Eilish Flanagan placed her name next to another record as she broke the Ireland record of 6:16.46 in the 2,000-meter steeplechase as she dominated the field with a time of 6:13.50.  This race allowed Flanagan to gain points towards Tokyo Qualifications. With one final stride

Flanagan was able to earn a spot into the games as she raced in Lucerne, Switzerland.

As she competed in the 3,000-meter steeplechase her overall time of 9:42.71 was her ticket into being one of the 26 Irish athletes to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Flanagan has added to Adams State’s legacy as she has competed on various championship teams as well as placing well individually and now has added herself to the list of Olympians produced by Adams State.

As Flanagn approached her debut at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo she represented her country well and did not let her supporters down. Flanagan competed in the 3,000-meter steeplechase on July 31 at the Japan National Stadium competed in the third heat of this event.

With all of her teammates, family members, coaches, and all of Ireland supporting her, Flanagan competed with all of her heart and left it all on the track. With an unforgettable race in Tokyo Flanagan set a new personal record of 9:34.86 as she competed on the biggest stage in the world. Flanagan went into the Olympics ranked 44th and left the track being 25th in the world in the women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase.


Great Reasons to Enjoy Volleyball

By Levi Savage Lowe


Volleyball is a fun, energizing sport in which everyone can participate. This game allows friends and families to join together to play and to watch this eventful game. Although volleyball is exciting to play, it can be just as fun to watch.

One player will touch the ball for around 5 seconds TOTAL per match. Players must learn to reach over the net and deflect the ball to the next spot, never holding on to the ball or pausing as in basketball, soccer, baseball or other popular sports.

It brings people of all ages and abilities together. Reverse co-ed, where the net is lowered to the average women’s height and females play at the net and males play back row the entire time, is a favored way to play volleyball. My favorite day of the year for over a decade was A riveting event to attend playing grass doubles in the “Father-son/daughter” tourney that takes place on Father’s Day in Vail. Paralympic sitting volleyball can be played by both disabled and able-bodied people. People can also play the Deaflympic version of volleyball.

Volleyball is one of the three most popular sports played in the world for both men and women, along with soccer, football, and basketball. This sport is incredibly diverse. There are 221 nations that are members of the International Volleyball Federation. That is more than any other sport in the world and 28 more nations that are members of the United Nations.

Volleyball can be a lifetime sport. You can start by playing games with your 3-year-old and a balloon or beach ball. Did you know your child could still be playing at the USAV Open National Championships 50 years from now? The USAV Opens has age groups of 79-plus. William G. Morgan may have created volleyball in 1895 as a less-strenuous option, but the modern game develops and expects good fitness, not just fun.

It is all about the teamwork. There are not many sports where teams work so closely together, creating a great buzz for the players and the audience. Watching players work together to keep the ball alive and kill it on their opponent’s side is breathtaking just to watch. Players use their special talents to help the team. It is also a great social sport. You don’t have to play the game to be part of the volleyball community. From coaches, players, referees, and volunteers, there are so many people that get enjoyment from the sport. Being part of a club and the wider volleyball community is special – many people meet some of their best friends through the game. There are so many more reasons why volleyball is a great sport and everyone should be able to enjoy them. If this article has caught your attention, then why not go to the next volleyball game in the area? You won’t regret it!


Fall Sports

By Brianna Robles


After a very long year of adjusting and not knowing much of anything we are now getting back into a new school year with many sports teams ready to show of their Grizzly pride. Last fall many sports were pushed back or canceled due to many outbreaks of COVID-19. Although, now many sports such as football, soccer, volleyball, and cross country prepare in order to give their fullest protentional as their seasons are approaching.

The football team have been working hard all summer as they prepare for their first official game, which will occur on September 4th. The Grizzlies will be taking on Western New Mexico University at a home game. The last time the Grizzlies met up with the Mustangs was in 2015. The Grizzlies have had endless amount of practices leading up to the opening of their 2021 season. Another team who are preparing for the start of their season is the men and women’s soccer team.

The men and women’s soccer team have been preparing for the start of their season by playing various scrimmages versus other teams to be able to get a feel for what’s to come the rest of the season. The men’s soccer team will lace up their cleats and hit the field for their first official game on September 4th. The Grizzlies will have a match on their own territory on the ASU soccer field where they will take on Lubbock Christian University. The last time the Grizzlies met up with LCU was in 2017. As the season approaches the Grizzlies continue to focus on their technique to have full advantage at the start of their season. The women’s soccer team is determined to have a great season. These ladies spend endless amount of hours on the field perfecting their plays and the skills they will apply on game day. The Grizzlies keep the suspense going as they have played multiple scrimmages to better prepare for their first game. The women’s soccer team will open up their 2021 season on September 2nd as they will travel to Golden, Colorado to compete in a match against Western Washington University. The women’s soccer team has been predicted to finish in the top ten this season, which gives these ladies plenty of motivation for what’s to come this season. The women’s volleyball team is preparing to get back into action action as the first game of their season is right around the corner. The Grizzlies have quite a bit of games this season, which will be great practice as the work hard during the season to prepare for the RMAC Volleyball Tournament-Quarterfinals, which will occur in November. The Grizzlies will start their season on September 3rd as they will travel to Canyon, Tx to compete in a match against West Texas A&M University. The men and women’s cross-country team have been preparing for the start of their season running 70 plus miles since the beginning of June. As their season approaches, they continue to enforce an endless amount of miles to their weekly routine. The Grizzlies men and women’s cross-country team are known for their multiple national titles and are working towards adding two more national titles to their collection. The Grizzlies will lace up their spike as they will open up their 2021 cross country as they will compete at the 28th Annual Joe I. Vigil Invitational on September 11th. The meet will take place at the Cattail Golf Course. With many sports preparing to compete this fall there will be many opportunities to go out and support each sport. Some sports will have livestreams available, so there will be may opportunities to show off your Grizzly pride whether it be from home or in person!

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