My apology to all~

For those whom I hurt,

For those who I disappointed,

For those who frown daily,

For those who constantly search for that grin,

It has been a while.

How have you been?

Are things getting any better?

Will the suffering last forever?

For you who know

For me probably so,

Wish I could kiss that gun.

But I have a son.

How did I get so selfish?

Missing that face

That resembles mine,

Change this life

To secure a few extra years to yours,

I promise.


These tears are genuine,

My last apology, if I follow this new path

No more will I allow my future

To get ruined by my past.

Messages from the hidden lake~

Heard the whispers once again last night,

Clearer than usual.

Still unable to comprehend,

Maybe it is a long lost friend

Trying to show me the way

To the promise land,

A never ending search.

Somewhere we all would like to stay

Sleeping next to the non-existent lake

Where the weather is great.

The imagination warps the meaning

Of these life-like dreams,

The moon appeared

Anticipating a visit.

Hopefully everything is alright,

If you can, please come speak to me once again tonight.

My new heart~

Let me take you out somewhere.

Stop fighting the inevitable;

You’re smart,

You’re sexy,

I am kind of scared of you.

Time is passing fast;

That means there is no more time to hesitate,

Running out of patience.

Sorry if you feel like I’m rushing you.

I just cannot wait.

A kiss on the cheek,

Maybe a dinner date,

Possibly a dream or two,

But let me know if I’m too late

For love to conquer.

Missing my cupcake,

Talk to you soon,

Come on over

Into my heart

Where there is plenty of room.

*Title currently unavailable as well as author.

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