U.S. Senate Declares Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week

Tiffany Wood
The Paw Print

The United States Senate unanimously passed Resolution 635 which declared Sept. 19-25 as National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week. The resolution was co-sponsored by Colorado Senator Mark Udall and recognizes “the contributions of these institutions, which are at the forefront of service to our nation’s youngest and largest ethnic population.”
Adams State College is numbered among the country’s 268 federally designated Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI). The designation of HSI requires a minimum of 25 percent Hispanic enrollment. Currently, Adams State is at 32 percent Hispanic enrollment, up 3 percent over 2009.
“We value the effort of Senator Udall and other resolution sponsors to raise awareness of the important work being done by Adams State and other HSIs to provide higher education access to underserved populations,” said Dr. David Svaldi, president of Adams State College.
As noted within the resolution: “Hispanic-serving institutions play an important role in educating many underprivileged students and helping those students attain their full potential through higher education.” It also states: “Hispanic-serving institutions are actively involved in stabilizing and improving the communities in which the Hispanic-serving institutions are located.”
Adams States new organization, CASA (Cultural Awareness Student Achievement), is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by presenting several events through mid-October.
Sept. 29 featured a viewing of the movie “Real Women Have Curves,” which dealt with the issue of body image in the life of a young girl and her family and also the importance of following your dreams, no matter what is holding you back.
Oct. 2 featured Ronaldo Baca, guitarist and his flamenco dancers. Baca spent time in Spain, in the process learning traditional Spanish and Hispanic dances, songs, and rhythms. The group involved the audience members to help keep the beat and keep them interested. Not only did ASC students stop in for the performance but many community members attended as well, making themselves comfortable with the college students and embracing their Hispanic heritage as celebrated by Adams State.
Oct. 3 was designated for a bilingual Catholic mass in the Student Life Center where students and community members listened to mass mixed in Spanish and in English. Some prayers were spoken in Spanish and also some songs, but the mass was in English, for the most part.
On Oct. 6, an information table and T-shirt giveaway sponsored by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) and CASA will be set up in the SUB Solarium to bring awareness to their cause and to inform students of the opportunities available to Hispanic students.
Oct. 14 is dedicated to a Block Party which will take place in the SUB Food Court from 7-9 p.m. with refreshments available.
Since their creation, CASA has begun to inform students about opportunities for Hispanic and all students with internships and scholarships associated with HACU and also informational brochures about what it means to be a member. For more information about HACU and HSIs, readers can visit their website at www.hacu.net. High schools are also included in the HACU enrollment options. Feel free to explore the events coming up at ASC and don’t forget to check out HACU.

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