Top Rodeo Competitors Start Elite Rodeo Association

Elizabeth Salazar

The Paw Print

Move over Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) because there is a new association coming to town. Top competitors in the rodeo world have announced that they are starting The Elite Rodeo Association (ERA). The ERA is owned by the rodeo’s top 55 athletes, and 42 of those are world champions. Tony Garritano, long time rodeo sponsorship master, is at the front of the association as the resident and the chief executive officer. The name of the association was given because the ERA is able to focus just on the needs of the top 1 percent of cowboys and cowgirls in the industry.  The ERA is looking to host 15 rodeos across the country and a world championship rodeo in Dallas in 2016.

There will be no competition with the PRCA, however, the best competitors from the PRCA will be competing in the ERA. While the PRCA has many more rodeos throughout the season, the ERA focuses more on the quality of the rodeo and not the number of rodeos. Trevor Brazile, Jade Corkill, Patrick Smith, Charmayne James, Tuf Cooper, Fred Whitfield, and Bobby Mote arrived at the Texas State legislature Monday February 16 in support of the ERA.

Representative Cecil Bell Jr. introduced the bill (HB 1440) in the capitol building to make the ERA world championship eligible for funding through the Texas Major Events Trust Fund. The funding will put the world championship on the same level as the National Collegiate Athletic Association final four tournament, the Super Bowl, and other similar events.  The ERA would not only host the best competitors of the nation but it would also put rodeo on the same level as other major sports events.

The agreement between the event and the state means that there will be more money going back to the event and there will be a five-year agreement between the ERA and Dallas. Some events will have less funding that other events, but the ERA has a major event status so it is predicted that the money will stay consistent.

Each event in the rodeo will have 10-15 competitors which include: bareback riding, steer wrestling team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, barrel racing, and bull riding. Steer roping is still being discussed and has not yet been decided on as an event along with the age limit for the competitors.

The decision to create the ERA was made last year when all the cowboys met in Waco, Texas. They have steadily been working on the association ever since then. The qualifications system has already been discussed and finalized but has not yet been released and most likely will not be until the broadcast system is set up.

The goal of the ERA is to broadcast the best talent in the rodeo world and to help strengthen the name of rodeo. The ERA aims to showcase the best competitors in the world and increase sponsorship. While there are other associations, the ERA wants to work with the competitors and grow the rodeo industry. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet