Thornton Wilder’s Our Town Hits ASC

Samantha Saville
The Paw Print

The play Our Town directed by Dr. Paul S. Newman opened on Friday, April 30 and will run until May 8. The play, which was written by the Pulitzer Prize winner Thornton Wilder, included many stars such as Jacob Sorling, Kaitlyn Perham, and Bothe Kretsinger.

Our Town is a sentimental play about a small, insignificant town in New Hampshire called Grover’s Corners in the early 1900’s. The first act starts with someone on stage just explaining things about the town. Slowly, the main characters are introduced and the viewer is given a glimpse into their world.

As the play evolves, all of the characters’ relationships progress slowly, and the town starts to unravel itself before the audience’s eyes. The stage manager, played by Bothe Kretsinger who had the perfect voice for his part, filled the audience in on all of the details of the story. His soft, relaxing voice put the audience in the perfect mood for the speed of the play.

A professor and newspaper editor are invited on stage to fill in some of the blanks about the town that the stage manager cannot reveal. Even some audience members participated in the play. Three audience members were handed a question to ask the newspaper editor. This was a fun, interesting way to keep the audience involved in the play. The first acted ended when the stage manager shooed everyone off the stage because they were talking to long.

The second act of the play started three years after the first act ended. This act was about love and marriage. The audience watched a young couple get married. This young couple was played by Jacob Sorling and Kaitlyn Perham. Their relationship and life grew before the audience. Both actors played their characters exceptionally well. Both actors portrayed the innocence of childhood, the trials of adolescence, and the importance of growing-up.

The third and final act is set nine years after the second one has ended. This act is full of intense emotion as the audience looks into the future of the town. This act really connects the audience with the characters. If not in love with the play at this point, you will be after this act. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet