The Party Has Returned

Levi Savage Lowe

The Paw Print

A game, that so many people thought was at its end and could no longer be revived, has returned. At the beginning of this month, on October 5th, the newest game in the Mario Party franchise was released, Super Mario Party! This game has broken old ground with the franchise being the best, most recent party game that you can play with your friends and family. The last two Mario Party games failed to be fan favorites, due to the introduction of a car that carries all of the players across the map together, but the new Super Mario Party game is back and better than ever.

Mario Party has returned to its roots with this new release by introducing all new games and having the interchangeable dice return from past games. This game has been getting high ratings all over the internet and people cannot get enough of it. Of course, the meme about friendships dying because of this game will always survive, but that is the charm of the Mario Party franchise. The theme of this Mario Party, Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, is a great one that I am sure everyone can enjoy.

That’s right, with the Good Guys vs, Bad Guys theme, not only do you get to play as your favorite cast of the Mario crew, but now you can play from your favorites on the bad guy’s team, including Bowser, Goomba, Koopa, and so many more. Each character also has their own special dices block that you can use, so this game even requires a touch of strategy. These dices allow the player to earn loads more coins, and there is a big high damage rewards strategy. Super Mario Party induces a large wave of nostalgia for original Mario Party fans because of how similar it is to the old Mario Party games, which  have been given their legendary title by these fans.

This game is a steal, being priced at $60 for hours and hours of fun with friends and family. No one will ever be left out now and even more friendships will die, but more will also be made. This release of Mario Party is a great one and the fans can definitely tell that Nintendo is listening to their opinions. Many fans were worried that this game was going to be another flop in the Mario Party games but to their delight, they were very wrong.

Super Mario Party is a great game that many people can enjoy together! Everyone is included in the fun and laughs no matter how long the game is played. If you are looking for something to pass the time with your friends, I strongly recommend this game. You will find endless fun and spend hours laughing with friends as you play. Don’t let Mario’s goofy face drive you away. The fun is waiting and all you need to do is jump right in! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet