The Myth Has Been Lifted

Reuben Chavira
The Paw Print

We all remember the tall-tales. We all can recall the mythologies and fictions that formed our perceptions of college. We remember the mantras of “knowledge is power” and “if you believe you can achieve.” But how many of us believed? Think back to high school. Did you succeed because you believed in ‘the power of me’ or because you obeyed ‘the powers that be?’
We all have power within us. We all have strengths and skills that are waiting to be engaged. The problem is, we don’t always put ourselves in positions to excel. Some even go as far as to avoid these opportunities due to a self-imposed fear of failure. How foolish it is – to fear that which has not yet occurred. To be so controlled by the figments of our own imagination that we cannot rise to our fullest potential.
Who is to blame for this? Who is accountable for these shortcomings? Is it the individual who didn’t believe in ‘the power of me?’ Is it because they didn’t obey ‘the powers that be?’ Maybe it’s society’s fault. After all, it’s been proven that our environment influences our growth and development. So maybe it’s true that small towns produce small dreams. Or that impoverished communities create impoverished ideas.
Yet, if this is such a truth, how could an enslaved country like India give birth to such a powerful figure as Ghandi? The reality is that the power of historic figures like Ghandi and Frederick Douglas did not stem from their ability to place blame on others, but from their inspirational ability to overcome oppression.
Fears that result from past failures oppress the mind. They create constructs that imprison our inspirations and stifle our futures. It is said that there can be no growth without sacrifice, and so we must challenge ourselves to sacrifice our fears.
We must inspire ourselves to rise above that which oppresses us. We must endeavor to persevere, for the path of the righteous is beset on all sides, and we must strive to overcome any and all obstacles that would prevent us from fulfilling our dreams.
As students of Adams State, we ought to be conscious of the power that resides within us. It should guide us and motivate us toward excellence. Great stories begin here, and our story ought to be one that empowers others. We did not get here on accident. Our pursuit of high education is the result of an accumulation of lives that aligned themselves in an effort to provide us with a chance to get ahead in the world. Knowing this, we ought to align our own energies in a similar effort to provide others with opportunities that may not be available to them on their own. We are the future leaders of America, and we ought to begin our legacy by becoming leaders on our campus and within our communities.
We are the dreamers of a dream. Let us dream of a better tomorrow for all who cross our paths. Let this be our legacy. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet