Teacher Spotlight: Alvarez

Armando Montano

Adams State College recently had the pleasure of adding a new member to the Education Department. Anicia Alvarez, ASC’s newest assistant professor of teacher education, has come to help students here at Adams in the field of education through her extensive and impressive background. Alvarez has received many awards for her contributions in education thus far, including Outstanding Professional Educator Award in 2006, bestowed to her by the office of the Philippine president.

Dr. Anicia Alvarez has had a lifetime of teaching experience from multiple nations of the world while aiding the educational structure of several nations first-hand. Having taught in China, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, and her native Philippines, her teaching record is as impressive as her own record of education. Having earned a Ph.D. in science education from Purdue University and Master of Arts in science education and in early childhood education, served as principle at Ferndale International School, curriculum specialist at Western Mindanao State University, vice-president of Academic Affairs at Universidad de Zamboanga and senior specialist and curriculum specialist at University Bruner Darussalam, it is no wonder Alvarez has found her way to Adams to help utilize the teaching program for the next generation of educators.

Her aim is simple: to contribute to the academic quality of ASC while influencing students through her own experience. Of her long history in Education, Alvarez has done much to localize the educational standard within the community and inspire a communal response to raise that standard. Following the practices of the most effective schools of learning, Alvarez has already made an impact here at Adams through her courses aimed at future educators headed into elementary and secondary education. She encourages teachers to follow close to the student’s needs, but not strictly the educational needs of the student. She believes that by fostering a multi-angle approach to education, students will benefit greatly from their education and in turn contribute greatly to society- following closely the advice given to students in the proverb “in your hands lies the destiny of the nation.”

When asked why she chose Adams, Alvarez claimed that the location of the college is highly unique. Aside from ASC offering a teaching program, the San Luis Valley has a unique location in the United States and a mysterious history. This is a place that beckons discovery and endorses exploration, a good base to instill in those going into the field of education. Dr. Alvarez is a natural teacher, driven by her own ambitions and aided by her experiences; those whom she will interact with will benefit from her presence here at Adams. Dr. Alvarez offers an assurance that as students we are limitless in our pursuits, telling students to ”hitch your wagon to the stars.”

ASC should be proud of having such a valuable resource as Alvarez on campus for students and faculty to stand aside. Adams is proud to welcome Dr. Alvarez into the ASC community and hopes the best for the rest of her career.

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