Supreme Court to Hear Marriage Equality Case

Abbie Stillman

The Paw Print

Human Rights have been an argument for decades as far as same-sex marriages are concerned. Many hold the belief that it is sin or that it is not natural. “They are choosing to love someone of the same sex. They chose their lifestyle.” I almost want to laugh in their face when I hear people say that. No one chooses who they love and people certainly do not chose to be bullied, judged, and tormented for loving someone. The LGBT deserve to live their live with as much freedom as those who are straight.

We have finally reached the day when the marriage equality case will indeed be heard by the Supreme Court from Obergefell v. Hodges. For the LGBT community, this serves as an historical moment. Not only is marriage a civil right in our country, it is beyond time to allow everyone to enjoy that freedom. Some states have already legalized same-sex marriage yet many are still much on the fence about the notion.

It was only two years ago when the United States Supreme Court’s 2013 decision to overturn the federal laws preventing same-sex marriages. As soon as the power to grant gay marriage fell to the states, the majority of voters voted in favor of marriage equality. Today, most of the U.S allows for same-sex marriage.

Gay couples living in states outlawing same-sex marriage face various challenges. They can be blocked when applying for adoption, lose out on legal benefits that straight couples receive, as well as not being recognized by the state as being a couple. These are just a few challenges they face on a day to day basis.

So when can we expect a decision? What are the possible outcomes? Those in the know have said that a decision should be known by the end of June or early in July. Obviously, the ideal outcome would lead to marriage equality. It is also possible that the courts may not require states to perform the same-sex marriage but will be required to recognize same-sex marriage from other states. The HRC (Human Rights Campaign) claims that it is more than unlikely that the Supreme Court will rule against same-sex marriage.

Unfortunately there are still countless individuals out there who will hold onto their beliefs that same-sex marriage is wrong and a sin. Regardless of what they have to say and how they would like to make you feel, this is when they make themselves look pathetic in the public eye. As opposed to allowing everyone to live peacefully to themselves, they choose to fill the world with their hate and judgment. People are finally ready to allow everyone to live happily with whom they love. It’s a fight that has lasted for far too long and is finally getting its chance to come to a relatively peaceful end. Now is when it is crucial to stick together and fight for what is right. Marriage equality for everyone. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet