Support the Women’s Lacrosse Team this Spring

Nicole Schafer
The Paw Print

Many students and faculty members are unaware of the Women’s lacrosse team here at Adams State University. The team consists of 22 dedicated athletes and 2 very motivated coaches. I had an interview with Head Coach Mariana DiGiovanni and asked what makes the team this year different from previous years. She stated that among the girls there was an “increase in skill level and a much higher level of drive and motivation that the girls possess… At first the team was all about the fun of the sport but it has transformed into a dedicated, competitive team.”
She also said that she is striving for one simple characteristic for the girls to attain while they are here at Adams playing women’s lacrosse: Self-discipline. Coach Mariana believes that if her athletes were to walk away from the sport and the school the most important characteristic they have attained is self-discipline because she firmly believes it will help them become successful in their professional life and help them develop as individuals.
Captain Kelly Hillick believes she is learning a great deal of patience and how to interact with such a diverse team because they all come from different cultures across the nation. Hillick has noticed a change in the lacrosse program over the years and says that the basics of the game have significantly improved and there is an actual team established.
Kendra Cheda, a freshman from California, says that the team this year is more knowledgeable and the coaches are more relatable than high school. Cheda also says that the really good thing about the program here at Adams State is it has helped her keep her grades up and keep her out of trouble. She believes that sports are very important to building a person’s character, and a key thing to remember is to have fun and always do your best.
Overall, this team has transformed over the few years the program has been established, and with the new talent, they are sure to make a stand this year in their conference. Adams State Women’s Lacrosse season starts in the spring so make sure you mark your calendars to go cheer them on! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet