Super Bowl XLVIII: Who Will Take Home the Lombardi

With Sunday’s showdown looming only days away, it’s time to ask the big question: Who will win Super Bowl XLVIII? The matchup is set. Young quarterback Russell Wilson and his Seahawks will take on seasoned veteran Peyton Manning and his Broncos in the first ever outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl. With the league’s best defense squaring off against the league’s best offense, it promises to be a good contest, and we’re ready to give you our predictions on the outcome. Though we both bleed orange, what would our lives be without a little sibling rivalry? Jake Heaton vs. Rachel Heaton. So, for argument’s sake, he says the Seahawks will soar to victory, she says the Broncos will ride off with the Lombardi Trophy.

He Said by Jake Heaton
As much as I would love to go with my heart and pick my beloved Broncos to win this year’s Super Bowl, my gut tells me differently. Although Denver may appear to be the better team on paper, all of the signs seem to be pointing to the Seattle Seahawks bringing home their first ever Lombardi trophy. The expected frigid New Jersey weather favors the Hawks and unfortunately this year for Peyton Manning and the clan, the weather may be their downfall. Everyone knows Manning struggles in the cold. Stats show that his QBR and yards per game are lower in sub 30 degree weather, but that is expected for all quarterbacks. The weather will affect Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in a similar way, but Seattle’s offense is built differently than Denver’s. While the Broncos will have to change their approach, especially their aerial attack in inclement weather, the Seahawks offense will be the same as always. The Hawks, are built to handle harsh weather better than Denver. Seattle will play smash mouth football, attempting to pound the ball with Marshawn Lynch, rain, snow, or shine. The only obstacle Seattle will have to overcome concerning the weather is who will be in charge of keeping Beast Mode’s Skittles from freezing.
They say defense wins Championships but I guess Super Bowl 48 will determine the validity of this statement as the league’s top offense and defense will face off on Sunday. There is no doubt Seattle has play makers on the Defensive side of the ball, especially in the secondary. Richard Sherman, the self-proclaimed best corner in the league will have an opportunity to confirm his proclamation on the world’s biggest stage. Unfortunately for Sherman, he won’t be facing any “sorry” or “mediocre” receivers this weekend. Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas will all look to continue their dominance and record setting offensive pace but Seattle has the personnel to handle this aerial attack. Seattle secondary, known as the “legion of boom”, consisting of Sherman, Cam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Walter Thurmond, and Bryon Maxwell will provide a challenge unlike Manning has seen all season. The Hawks led the league with 28 interceptions during the regular season. If anyone can bring Denver’s record setting offense to a halt, it’s the league’s top ranked defense.  Superbowl 48 appears to be one of the most interesting Super Bowls in recent history. Both teams have a lot to play for. For the Broncos, a win would secure Peyton Manning’s status as the best quarterback to play the game, but the Seahawks are hungry for their first ever championship. Either way I win. Sunday night I’ll either be celebrating my Denver Broncos winning their first Super Bowl I’m old enough to remember, or a prognostic victory and a little bit of family bragging rights, proving that of course I know football better than my sister.

She Said by Rachel Heaton
I’ve been waiting for the day I could predict a Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory and that day is finally here. My Broncos are going to the Super Bowl for the first time I can remember and I can confidently predict that when the clock winds down on Sunday, Denver will be victorious.
The Broncos are clearly the stronger team, having outperformed opponents all season long. Peyton Manning, four-time NFL MVP, threw for 55 touchdowns during the regular season, one of his many record-breaking endeavors this season. Manning has a huge arsenal of receivers to choose from on Sunday. During the regular season, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Eric Decker were on the receiving end of at least ten Manning touchdown passes. Richard Sherman will be no match for the Broncos’ potent receiving corps.  Denver also has a strong running game in Knowshon Moreno who found the end zone ten times during the regular season.
That being said, the Broncos have to play both sides of the ball in order to bring the Lombardi Trophy home to Mile High. This defense is full of playmakers and, come Sunday, Marshawn Lynch may be tasting Skittles on the sideline, but Russell Wilson will be getting a heaping helping of “Pot Roast” on the field. Terrance Knighton, and guys like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Duke Ihenacho, and Champ Bailey will be instrumental in making plays and keeping the momentum in favor of Denver.
In the end, the deciding factor is still the man under center for the Broncos. Peyton Manning is constantly criticized for his inability to play in the cold. However, both teams will be dealing with the same cold on Sunday. Manning, who’s been in the league since 1998, will make his third Super Bowl appearance. Russell Wilson is only in his second NFL season and this will be his first Super Bowl. Manning has the advantage. Under pressure on the big stage, nothing beats experience, not even a 12th man. Besides, Eli won a Super Bowl in Peyton’s house two years ago, now it is Peyton’s turn to win one in Eli’s house.  It’s time for Peyton to cap off a record setting season, solidify his legendary status, and take his team to Disney World.
Clearly this Super Bowl promises to be exciting. With these two teams, anything could happen. However, I feel confident riding the Broncos to victory. That victory will be made just a bit sweeter by an argumentative victory over my brother, guaranteeing bragging rights until next year. Try living that one down, Jake. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet