Super Bowl 53: Purely Entertainment

Super Bowl 53: Purely Entertainment

Noah Schafer

This time of year is the best time of year for sports fans. The NBA is in full swing, MLB spring training is right around the corner and, last but not least, the Super Bowl is less than a week away. For the big game this year, the Los Angeles Rams will take on the New England Patriots in what should be an exciting, high-scoring game. The Rams are powered by Jared Goff and Todd Gurley and defensively led by Aaron Donald, who will look to upset the Patriots and Tom Brady, who are not strangers to playing in the Super Bowl. The Patriots are back in the Super Bowl again after last year’s defeat in the big game to the Philadelphia Eagles.

This year’s Super Bowl carries a lot of meaning to football fans everywhere. First, the fact that the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl confirms that Brady and Belichick are the greatest of all time. The Patriots, like usual, dealt with injuries and a defense that started off as one of the worst in the league. But, like usual, by the end of the season, with everyone healthy and the defense finally playing well, the Patriots find a way to prevail and play well enough to get into possibly the biggest game in all of sports. Now, if the Patriots win, it will put both head coach and quarterback miles ahead of anyone else for greatest of all time. Tom Brady will surpass Joe Montana as the greatest ever, and do so without any question.

If the Rams win, it could serve as a pedestal for a few great young players to become truly elite. Players like Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, and Aaron Donald will look to provide their team with transparently amazing performances enroute to a win. Even if the Rams don’t win the Super Bowl, their season could still be seen as a testament to the greatness of their young coach Sean McVay. McVay, since taking over as the Rams head coach, has coached in a way that inspired his team and Rams fans everywhere. He puts it on the line for his players, getting in the faces of refs on arguable calls or having an assistant coach whose main purpose is to keep McVay from getting too far onto the field. His style of coaching is inspiring and fun to watch.

The mentality of many Coloradans towards the Super Bowl this year can be summed up in two ways. The first mentality is complete indifference. “I don’t care because the Broncos aren’t playing in it” was the response of one woman. The second mentality of the Superbowl may belong to the more-involved football fan, which is a complete hatred for the Patriots. “Of course I’m going for the Rams because I hate the Patriots,” said my own mother, who has emerged into the realm of fantasy football and fandom since our move to Colorado. No matter which attitude you feel towards the game, if you are tuning in, you will be entertained.


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