Successful Small Business, Networking and Keeping it Local

Megan Smith
The Paw Print


Most of the time when thinking of business the idea is to think big. However, when living in a small rural community the idea is the exact opposite think small and keep it local. One important aspect of starting a small business is to have a niche. Some thing that makes your business stands out from the rest and is unique to only your store. The strategy is to give them a reason to keep coming back. As a small business owner the assumption should never be that you are a customer’s only option. This will encourage more customers to visit your place of business and draw more money into your pocket. This also makes the retail options more diverse and having less worries if another store is selling the same product.
A lower cost of living is a great benefit to a business owner because they will pay a lower cost in rent mortgage cost as well as utilities and taxes. Also consider that living expenses would be less. In cities like Alamosa you don’t need quite as much to be successful as you would in a big city. Instead of the customer having deal with driving long distances and being stuck in traffic jams there is a great advantage to just being able to walk or take a short drive to get what they need. This helps stores become more available and easily accessible creating a thriving profit.
Another important aspect is to always keep a good relationship with your neighbors and other local business owners. Networking will let people know who you are and not the just be the new guy in town. The idea is to integrate into the community you serve and make tangible contribution to the economic development of your local environment.  Living in a small community and participating in existing local events is a great tactic and gives you opportunity to allow customers to get to know you. It lets them understand that you care about the community that you live in. Becoming a mentor in the community would encourage college graduates to stay or return to the Alamosa community.  If they were included in community planning this would allow locals to gain information on what their interests are. One may be able to find products or services that is needed, and would be supported by college students. Take advantages of theses opportunities. Help them set up student-run activities to provide summer jobs, and to help them gain business experience. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet