Study Tips and Tricks to Help You Ace Finals Weeks

Ali Rivera 

The Paw Print

Finals are around the corner and that mean hours and hours of studying, which means you need some tips to help you study effectively.

Stay organized! When you’re in class and taking notes, make sure you keep all your notes in the same place that way you can find all your notes in order when you go back and review them and not have to look everywhere for information.

Take notes! Taking notes will help you in the long run because you are documenting all the information that you need for the class. Also when you study you have information and documentation of what you need to know for upcoming test or essays.

Anything the Professor writes down make sure to copy! In class the professor writes certain things on the board because that information can be important! Make sure you copy down everything the professor writes down to have the all the notes for your studies.

Ask questions! In class don’t just sit and wonder… if you wonder then you’re not sure! Make sure you ask questions for clarification to be confident in your studies.

Review your notes every day! If you review your notes every day, it will help the information to click! The more you review your notes the more you tend to memorize them day by day and the more confident you will become in class discussions and on quizzes and test.

Keep up class readings! In some classes the readings are really important. If you keep up with the readings or discussions, then you will be prepared in class and for studying. Use the readings as a tool for studying. Usually all the answers are in the readings to the test or quiz.

Use your textbook! A lot of the times students don’t even open there text book. Yet your text book is the key to studying. Text books are the class in a million of pages. However, you should to use your textbook to study, especially if you have missed classes. This way you get all the right information and study the right information for the up-coming test or quiz.

Highlight! In class there is certain information that you can’t forget. When outlining your notes try to highlight important key facts or words that seem important to know. That way the vocabulary or facts will be ingrained in your brain.

Be involved in your classes! Participating in class is a way of studying in a way because you are reviewing material and interacting with others to learn the information in a, active way. If you’re involved in your class, you tend to learn more efficiently and gather information in a different way.

Save everything! Every assignment, quiz, handout, etc. should be saved because in the long run, and when you’re going to study for a test, you can look back on those assignments, quiz, or handouts and study them to gather every detail of information that you need for your notes. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet